Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Teens

If your kids are too grown up for traditional Valentines Day Boxes or card exchanges at school, don’t think that Valentine’s holiday is no longer important. It may not be about the cartoon cards and fun crafts, but it can still be a special holiday. Here are some easy (frugal) ways to make Valentine’s Day special for the teens and tweens in your life.

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Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Teens

Make Breakfast Special

In our house on school mornings, breakfast is a fend for yourself kind of event. We have cereal, breakfast shakes, frozen waffles, oatmeal, and fruit. You just come in and fix what sounds good to you on that day. But on Valentine’s Day, it’s ok to actually make it a little more festive. You don’t have to actually cook to create a special breakfast. I remember when my Mom would put out a fun Valentine’s Day tablecloth, cereal bowls, and flowers or decorations on the table so breakfast would become a fun event – even on days we were rushed.

Frugal Tip: I have a plastic tote box filled with seasonal decorations so I don’t have to buy them fresh every year. I also have a lace tablecloth that I can pull out and decorate for any season by just changing the things that go on top!

Just take a few minutes the night before to set out some Valentine’s hearts, balloons, and decorations to kick off the next day with a special twist.

Share a Pencil

Every kid needs pencils at school. For Valentines Day, why not have a cup of brand new holiday pencils ready for the kids to take to school? It’s a small thing that doesn’t cost much money but can bring a smile throughout the day.

Give something Sweet

Some parents go all out and send teddy bears, chocolates, and balloons to their kid’s schools on Valentine’s Day. We’ve never gone that route and don’t plan to start that this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun candy waiting for them at home or on the breakfast table. For a frugal twist, skip the expensive box of chocolates and make something special instead. Pick up a box of their favorite candies for $1.00, attach a balloon from the local dollar store and create a Valentine card.

Another fun option is to buy a package of cookies and put a few in plastic baggies with a red ribbon. Serve it up in a festive basket with a red cloth and you have a perfect centerpiece for a celebration.

Share Love Notes

I read recently that one family was celebrating Valentines Day by sticking little notes of encouragement on their door with simple phrases like “I’m proud of you!”, “You are Special”, “I’m praying for you today!” or “I love how hard you worked on your recent school project.” Just write notes on construction paper and fill their door with positive affirmations and blessings.

Share the Love

If you are like me, I have picked up new boxes of Valentine’s Day cards every year the week after the holiday when they go on sale for a quarter a box. I have a huge stash of cards that are brand new and ready to be shared. Each year in the past, the kids have gone through the stash and found the perfect card for each of their friends. But now that they are older, they don’t really want to give out these super cute cards. So what can I do with them? We’re sharing the love this year with children who need something special to remind them that they are loved.

Why not reach out to a local children’s home and see if you can drop off Valentine’s cards? Sort them by girl/boy so the staff at the home can distribute them to the children in their care.

Just because teens are growing up doesn’t mean we need to quit celebrating the fun holidays. How do you plan to make Valentine’s Day special for your teens? Got any ideas? I’d love to hear!

Looking for a fun Valentine’s Day box? Here are some of the creations we’ve made in years past that may inspire you to make something amazing!

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