How to Visit the Zoo for FREE

Visiting a zoo can be one of the most amazing experiences for kids and adults as well. Being able to be up close with elephants, kangaroos and zebras is just the kind of thing you don’t get at your local playground or library storytime. But the price of admission can be pretty steep for many families. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy this special experience without going broke. You just have to know how to visit the zoo for FREE!

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How to Visit the Zoo for FREE

Many zoos offer special discount days throughout the year. Sometimes it might be free for everyone who brings a can of food to donate to the local food bank. Other times, it’s free on certain days of the week for several hours. Our local zoo often has a free day around Earth Day in the Spring.

If you are a member of the military, make sure you check for discounts or even free admission!

The key is looking ahead so you don’t miss it!

Check the website of your local zoo or do an internet search for free admission to your zoo. Chances are you will find that there is going to be a discount or free day in your area!

Just call and ask the Zoo office about the special dates.

Consider a Zoo Membership

While not a free option, a zoo membership is a great money saving option for some families. For just a little more than what we would have to pay for a one day admission for our family, we have sometimes purchased a family membership for the year. Most zoos participate in a Recipricol Zoo membership program that will allow you to visit over 100 different zoos around the country for free or at a discount with your membership card.

If you plan to do any travel the next 12 months, you could get to visit several zoos for FREE or cheap because you purchased the membership.

Check for walking club options

The Louisville KY zoo offers a walking club option that allows early morning walkers to be in the zoo for free on a regular basis. If you are near a zoo and enjoy being out walking or running early in the morning, this may be a great way to be near the animal exhibits and get a workout as well.

Kids at the zoo

Free all the time

Free on select days

Do you know of a zoo that offers free days? I’d love to add it to this list! Let’s get out there and enjoy the animals at the ZOO!

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