How to Save Money on Video Games

If you have video game lovers in your family, you know how expensive new games can be. But there are ways to play video games without breaking your budget. Here are some easy real-life tips to help you save money on video games.

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How to Save Money on Video Games

Be patient!

When a new game is released, that is the most expensive time to buy. We never buy a game at the release date. If you can wait a few months to play the newest game, you will save a lot of money. You will also have time to read the reviews from the people who did buy it and be able to see if it is a game worth playing.

Check out GameFly

Gamefly is a game rental program that allows you to rent new or used video games through the mail. You can choose whether to receive one or multiple games at a time and play the game for as long as you want. When you are done with the game, you send it back (postage paid by Gamefly) and they will send the next game in your queue. Whether you play one of today’s hottest systems or enjoy the nostalgia of systems past, you’ll find all the best new and used video games at GameFly.

Sell an old game system or games

When we wanted to get a Wii for the family, we sold our old Playstation system with controllers and a few games on Ebay. Then we used that money to go toward the Wii. A few years later, we sold our Wii and turned that money into an Xbox. Some people choose to keep a collection of game systems on their shelves. But if you are willing to sell the older system, you will be able to greatly reduce the price of the new system.

We have sold games on Amazon, Ebay, as well as at used book and game stores like McKays or Game Stop etc. At game stores, you will get more value if you trade them for another game rather than sell for cash.

Trade with friends

You may be able to find a friend who is willing to swap a game with you. Let’s face it, video games get old after a while. But you may not want to sell the game in case you want to play it later. So loan it to a friend and borrow a game for a little while. Both people get to play a new game and it doesn’t cost a thing for either. (Just make sure you work out the details of the loan.)

Earn money on Bing Search

Use as your search engine and you can earn Amazon gift certificates. Each morning I click through the news article highlights and get points. When you reach a certain number, you can redeem for money or other rewards.

Earn Rebates by Shopping through Mr. Rebates

Before you shop at your favorite store (Gamestop, Gap, Ann Taylor, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Joann Fabrics, Walmart….) click on  or Ebates.  (Both sites work the same) 

  • Login or register (If you are registering for the first time, you will get a bonus just for signing up!)
  • Now type in the store name where you want to shop in the search bar at the top.
  • A small screen will pop up telling you that you are being directed to your store’s site.
  • Then you will be at your store site.
  • Shop like normal!
  • Pay like normal!
  • Receive your product – like normal!

In a few days, you will get an email saying “Thanks, your rebate is being processed at Mr. Rebates .”

Rent at Redbox

Updated to add the reminder that Redbox offers games as well! Rent video games at Redbox for just a few dollars and find out if you really love them before you spend money to buy!

Are you a gamer? What are some other ways you save money on video games? I’d love to hear!

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