Vertical Garden Early Summer Update

Have you ever built vertical structures for your garden? A few months ago, I built an arch for my green beans and I really wasn’t sure if it would work. But now that I am several weeks into the growing season, I have to admit that I am hooked on vertical gardening. There is something almost magical about watching the beans and pumpkins growing up instead of just sprawling all over the garden.

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Vertical Garden Early Summer Update

Green Bean Arch

I had some old cattle panels leaning against the barn and used zip ties to attach them to metal poles. When I first planted the beans, I was unsure whether the beans would grow up the arch. But it is working! I don’t have beans yet, but every time I go out to the garden, there are more tendrils climbing the panels.

How to build a vertical garden arch.

I had one extra cattle panel that I added to a row of green beans in an effort to give them more space to climb.

Pumpkin House

Two weeks ago, I decided to move my plastic greenhouse frame and place it over my pumpkin vines. I know that I can’t use the greenhouse frame next winter because all the connections are breaking so this is a great way to get one more use out of it.

I am not sure if the frame will be able to support the full pumpkins as they grow, but I am having so much fun watching them grow. I currently have several pumpkins that are about the size of a grapefruit.

Strings, Poles & Tomato Cages

Now that I’m hooked on vertical gardening, I’m scrambling to find more things for my vegetables to grow up. I’ve pulled out several old tomato cages, tobacco sticks, and more string. I’m trying to get as many of my vegetables off the ground in an effort to give them more airflow and less rot on the ground.

Right now, we’re experiencing a lot of rain so I’m focusing on the vertical growth options but as soon as the sun comes out, I’ve got to get a handle on the Japanese beetles that are having a feast on the leaves of my vegetables.

Dreaming about Chickens

If you spend much time with me, you’ll probably hear that I’m still dreaming about getting chickens. I’m tentatively hoping to add chickens to our farm life next spring. But even though I can’t have chickens this summer, doesn’t mean I’m not doing my research. My current book is Chicken Keeping Pure + Simple: A Fun, Friendly Guide to Backyard Chicken Keeping, by Nikki Husted.

Keeping chickens can look almost glamorous online. It’s all beautiful chickens, cute baby chicks, and coops that look nice enough to spend the night in. The reality is that keeping chickens is rewarding—but also a lot of work and, well, poop cleanup. If you follow her online, you already know that Nikki shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of this popular hobby. In her first book, she remains unfiltered while she shares the essential techniques and helpful stories from her own experience with backyard chickens. That’s right: you can learn from her own successes and mistakes

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How’s your garden doing this summer? Are you utilizing any vertical structures? I’d love to hear from you!

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