Using Containers in the Garden

Do you grow any flowers or vegetables in containers in your gardens? This year I have been putting out more containers and have found them to be super versatile. Containers and pots of all sizes and colors offer something special in the feel of the garden beds and under the porch. Recently I started being more intentional about how I can use container gardening to suit my changing light conditions and microclimates. Here are some things I’m learning about using containers in the garden.

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Using Containers in the Garden

I haven’t always used container garden in my setup but the past few years, I’ve been using a few more pots. There are some definite advantages to using pots but a few things to be aware of.

Check Sizes

There are some plants and flowers that need more depth or larger pots. Think about what you are planting and then pick the right size pot. Last year I grew potatoes in my unheated greenhouse in a large pot. I was able to keep mounding up the dirt as the potatoes grew throughout the winter. When planting season arrived, I was able to transplant them into my potato tower and ended up with a nice little crop of potatoes.

Other plants only need small pots so they can be comfortable and fill the space. Think about the plant and what kind of root system it will have and then choose the right size pot.

Use a Mix of soil

The larger the pot, the heavier it will get when you fill it with dirt. I typically fill the bottom half of my pots with fill dirt from my woods and then top them off with a specific bagged potting mix. This is a cheaper option to save the potting mix for the top half and allows me to fill more pots. Plus, the potting mix is often a little lighter than the fill dirt from the yard.

Rearrange As Desired

One of the fun things about growing plants in containers is that you can rearrange and repot your garden as things come and go in seasons. Right now, my pansies are the highlight but once they reach the end of their season, I will be ready to add new flowers and herbs to those same pots.

If I find that certain flowers or vegetables are not thriving in the hot afternoon sun, I can move the pots under the deck or to the side of the house that gets mostly morning sun. Container gardening gives you flexibility that in the ground beds don’t allow.

Where to Find Containers

Pots and containers for your plants can be an expensive addition to your garden plan. But if you know where to look, you can still find some great deals. Check out local yard sales, thrift markets, dollar stores, or even home restore shops. You don’t need fancy pots, just find the best deals and bring them home to your gardens. After all, the star of the show is the flowers – not always the pots!

Containers in the Garden

If you want to read and be inspired by a master gardener who uses container gardening on a higher level, then you need to check out Claus Dalby’s new book called Containers in the Garden.

Danish garden designer Claus Dalby shares his signature container gardening style in Containers in the Garden. Using a single plant species in each pot, and then collecting dozens of pots together, he creates a stunning visual display that’s a true feast for the senses. Often using a monochromatic color palette, Claus’s distinctive container garden designs carry your garden through all four seasons by utilizing changing displays and seasonal plant choices. Learn how to take Claus’s techniques and customize them to make a unique and stylish container garden all your own. You’ll meet dozens of captivating plants that perform beautifully in pots, and learn how to grow them from seed or transplant. Container garden care tips as well as ideas for reducing maintenance are found throughout. 

Buy Containers in the Garden on Amazon

Do you use containers and pots in your garden plans? I’d love to hear how you incorporate this into your seasonal gardening.

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