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4 US Mining Destinations

A few years ago on a North Carolina vacation, we went to Emerald Village in Little Switzerland. There we purchased a bag of ‘unsearched rocks’ and got to search for treasures. We found some really pretty little stones and even a few keepers. But to be honest, it always feels a bit ‘touristy’ and not very authentic.

So the next time we are close to these mines, we’re going to try to have a more authentic mining experience.

Mining Destinations in the US:

Crater of Diamonds State Park

Here you can experience a one-of-a-kind adventure hunting for real diamonds. You’ll search over a 37 1/2-acre plowed field, the eroded surface of an ancient volcanic crater that 100 million years ago brought to the surface the diamonds and some of the semi-precious stones lucky visitors find here today.

Located: Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Crystal Grove Diamond Mine & Campground

Digging for these diamonds at Crystal Grove Diamond Mine & Campground is a fun and enjoyable experience for all ages. You don’t have to be an expert to prospect – a shovel, hammer and chisel will help, but even small garden tools will work. (Some rental tools are available.) If “breaking rock” is not for you, sifting through the dirt will also reveal these stunning gems.
Location: St. Johnsville, New York
Cost: Adults: $10.00; Children (5-14 Years Old): $8.00


California Gold Panning

We sample areas to find the best places for you to look. Be it flour gold, gold flakes or a nugget, we do the hardest part for you. We find where the gold should be and let you dig it out of the ground. It is still not easy, digging in the dirt is hard work. You earn the gold you keep. When you are done with us you will leave with dirt on your face, sweat on your brow, water in your boots and a smile as big as the moon.
Location: Jamestown, CA
Cost: $60 and up

Need more ideas for Treasure Hunting in the US? Check out the Travel Channels Top 10 Treasure Hunting HotSpots.

Have you ever actually mined for treasure? Got any favorite destinations? tips? Great finds? I’d love to hear!

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