Upcycled Wooden Planter Box

Recently, we found a couple old wooden boxes out on the farm that I immediately fell in love with. I knew I wanted to give them new life as plant boxes on my porch. This past week, I pulled one of them out, dusted it off and printed off a vinyl phrase so it is ready to start growing lavender. If you are looking for a super simple project to turn an old wooden box into something special, take a look at this crafty project.

Plus, I’m sharing a sneak peak at my latest gardening book I just finished called A Woman’s Garden: Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things.

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Upcycled Wooden Planter Box

Materials Needed


Pick your box and wipe off any dirt or dust.

  • Create your design on your computer and print on vinyl. *Remember to mirror your design when you print.
  • Weed out the excess vinyl while your EasyPress is heating.

Position your design on your wooden box and apply the Easy Press iron. I found that 350° for 30 seconds worked fine for this project. If your vinyl does not stick the first try, you may need to apply more heat and pressure.

Peel off the plastic and reveal your final design.

Now you get to decide if you are going to use your wooden box for an existing plant in a pot or to plant seeds. I tried both options. I love the way it looks with my pepperofiam frost plant.

But then I decided I wanted to use it to grow lavender from seeds.
I added some holes using the drill so there would be adequate drainage.

I layered in some small rocks to help with drainage.

Add in your favorite potting mix on top of the small rocks.

Now I get to wait while the seeds take time to germinate and I start watching every day for the first hint of growth.

A Woman’s Garden: Grow beautiful plants and make useful things

I have been reading A Woman’s Garden that shares the journey of ladies who have been growing and developing their gardens for several years. Each section of the book shares a look at how gardening can provide what we need for our health and beauty, home and crafts, food and enjoyment. Many of us have been gardening and exploring new ways to connect to our roots and A Woman’s Garden is a great resource to help us grow. As I read the book, I found myself with a renewed intention to discover new ways to use the flowers, vegetables and herbs that are growing in my world.

Gardens grow more than just pretty flowers. They grow well-being and a deeper connection with nature. Gardens can also produce plant material for creating homemade skincarenatural dyes, artisan craftsdelicious foods and beverages, and medicines—homegrown ways to create a wholesome lifestyle.

Making things with your hands and heart, and then sharing the fruits of your labors with friends and family, is both satisfying and soul-stirring. Learn how to grow dozens of plants and then transform them into gorgeous items to nurture yourself or gift to others.

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Looking for other ideas for gorwing beautiful plants and making useful things? Check out how I turned old mini blinds into plant markers and how a common weed growing by the creek is helping me when I get into poison ivy!

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  1. Sharon, I love this box! What a wonderful way to use an old wooden box. You are going to start a trend.

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