Unique Jellies You Can Make from Your Yard


A few years ago I started making jellies at home using my waterbath canner and some unique flowers and fruit from around our house and yard. These jellies have been such a hit around our breakfast table that I decided to share some of them as Christmas presents this past year. If you are ready to make some unique jellies at home, keep reading! You just might be surprised at what all you can make from your own yard!

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As with any homemade edible product, do your own research before eating anything new. Always check for food safety and look for chemical applications on any backyard flower or plant before consuming.

Unique Jellies You Can Make from Your Yard


The cheery yellow flower that many people think are weeds actually makes a super sweet light tasting jelly. Just pick a big powl of the fresh yellow dandelion flowers and get started on this delicious treat! ***Don’t use the green stems. They are perfectly edible, but they make your jelly a little bitter in my experience.


Look around your yard and you probably have wild violets growing all over the place. Don’t try to get rid of them until you have tried making violet jelly. You may just discover that you absolutely love this beautiful flower!


Many of us remember picking honeysuckle from the back fencerow when we were growing up but have you ever tried honeysuckle jelly? Such a sweet treat on a fresh, hot biscuit or piece of toast all year long!

Wineberry Jelly

On a summer trip out to the farm, we found hundreds of berries just waiting to be picked and enjoyed. This was our first time finding berries on the farm so I took the time to do my research and see just what these beautiful berries were. Turns out that we have wineberries, blackberries, and dewberries. They are beautiful and so very tasty! Take a look at all the fun ways these wild berries are filling our summer days!

On My List

I recently read about corncob jelly and peony jelly and I am so excited to try that this summer! I just have to wait till the right season!

Other Traditional Jellies

Of course there are more traditional jellies that many people love to make each season.


Whether you buy your strawberries from the local farmer’s market or grow your own, strawberry jelly is always a hit!


When it’s peach season, make sure you can some peaches for winter cobblers but don’t miss out on the chance to make some tasty peach jelly too!

Other favorite jellies for many home canners are blackberry, apple or grape jellies. Whatever your favorite fruit, pick some extra and make some jelly so you can enjoy them year round!

Have you ever made jellies? Got a favorite recipe or story about homemade jellies? I’d love to hear! I can’t wait till canning season starts back up in a few months!

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