Ultimate Summer Stay at Home Bucket List

Just because there are things happening in the world that we can’t control doesn’t mean life has to stop. Even if you can’t travel far away to new places, you can still make amazing family memories and do a summer stay at home staycation like never before. Take a look at these ideas and get started dreaming about how you can create an amazing summer stay at home bucket list!

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Ultimate Summer Stay at Home Bucket List

Be a Virtual Tourist

Smart tip: Call the local tourism office and ask them what they suggest for virtual experiences. Most are still operating and want to help you find creative outlets and options.

State Tourism Office Links

Stay Inside

Go Head to Head

  • Have a Tent Making Contest (see who makes the best indoor fort)
  • Host your Own Dessert Wars/Cake Boss Challenge
  • See Who the LEGOMaster is by hosting a building challenge
  • Crafter Challenge: If you are a crafting Momma, then lay out all your crafting supplies and give everyone an hour to create the most amazing design!
  • Make Pancake Shapes and decorate with all the toppings
  • Build Race Cars for an Epic Race Day

Fun Tip: Make sure you take pictures and give a trophy to the winner! Let your Facebook friends vote for the winners so you can get the adrenalin rush of a high stakes competition)

Learn Something New

Get Outside

Make sure you have a cooler that is big enough to pack all your snacks so you can spend time in the backyard with plenty of waters, favorite soda (Ale 8 One), koolaid packs, s’mores supplies and hotdog toppings!

Get Moving

  • United We Move – Free online fitness classes with Planet Fitness
  • Go to Youtube and search for Zumba, dance, or fitness and get moving with your family
  • If TikTok and dances are your thing, then learn a new TikTok dance and have some fun!

Take the ultimate step and consider adopting a dog this summer! My friend Heather has some great tips for what to know before you rescue a dog!

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