True Confessions of a Mom

I confess! I am one of those Moms! Now that my kids are older and one is graduated, I think it’s time I come clean on some of the things I did when my children were babies and toddlers. I’m guessing that some of you can relate to a few of them. Hopefully, the statute of limitations is up and I won’t be held responsible for these true confessions of a Mom.

True Confessions of a Mom

True Confessions of a MOM

I confess that I spent many mornings doing nothing officially productive. Instead, I cuddled with my babies and toddlers watching Baby Einstein and Little People while they drank their morning juice or chocolate milk.

I confess that I occasionally purchased a banana before I did my Walmart shopping. My toddlers were hungry and I needed something to keep them busy. Even more truth – I confess to letting my son eat a banana before I paid for it once. I ended up carrying around the banana peel for the entire shopping trip so I could show it to the cashier and have them weigh the rest of my bananas twice. I chose to let my son stay happy and busy then pay later.

I confess that I let my toddler chew on a ear of corn while I spent time shopping. Imagine the looks I received when other older parents would walk past and see my son chewing on a piece of corn of the cob.

I must admit that my kids never wore shoes till they were able to walk. I never put those little fancy shoes on their feet, even though they were adorable. I didn’t even make them wear socks all the time when they started walking around the house.

I must confess I didn’t give my first baby a blanket in his baby bed till he was almost 1 year old. I was always afraid he would get twisted in a blanket so I just dressed him in sleepers and kept his room comfortable.

Kids Spring 2010

I can’t count the number of times I went to the park and let my toddlers swing and slide instead of cleaning my house.

I admit to using the paper shredder to make a mountain of “snow” out of old papers so we could have a paper fight!

I occasionally reused swim diapers.

I confess that I could never stand to watch Caillou. I thought he was a whiny kid and I never let my kids watch it.

I could continue with more true confessions, but I’ll let you be the judge as to whether I need to continue. Maybe you have some confessions of your own. I’d love to hear! Now that they are a little older, I’m often reminded of these things and feel pretty sentimental. But I am so grateful for the time I have with my kids!

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