3 Travel Tips for the Family

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We love to hop in the car and take a quick overnight road trip. We’ve been known in recent years to hop in the car one morning and end up covering multiple states, several thousand miles and spend less than 48 hours away from home! We just love to travel. One thing we have learned is that traveling light is a must! Here are 3 travel tips to help you and your family be prepared for your next adventure!


3 Travel Tips for the Family

I won’t pretend to be the master of packing and traveling. My friend Heather has it down to a science! They were able to take a trip abroad for 2 weeks with kids, and still only take a carry on bag each! She is the master! But I have learned a few tricks over the years that make it a a bit easier to travel light.. There are some essentials and then there are other things that are completely optional.

Something to remember when you pack for a trip: Don’t choose liquids that will spill! You may want to put all the liquids in a heavy duty plastic bag that will catch any leaks or spills! I can remember back when I was in college traveling all summer with a traveling music team. We wanted to pack light but we didn’t want our dresses to be ruined by leaky bottles or deodorant smudges. I love that there are easy options now for packing and keeping everything clean and dry! Anybody remember the icky roll on deodorants that used to be so popular?

Coordinate your Outfits

Can you pack mix and match clothes that will let you build an outfit on some basic pieces? If you know you will be going out to eat on Friday, shopping on Saturday, and church on Sunday, then plan for a combo. Maybe you can plan a sweater, shirt, scarf outfit that will let you adapt to changing events with some of the same basics. Can you wear the same pants for 2 events and just change the tops? Do you have one pair of shoes that will work for multiple occasions? Think strategically about what you need to wear, then see if there is a way to coordinate the outfits and pack less.

Don’t pack the whole kitchen sink!

Of course there are things you must take with you on a trip, but you don’t really need everything. Can you get by with travel size toiletries? Do you need the mega bottle of shampoo? There are several essentials that you don’t want to forget: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, Hairbrush, Perfume, chapstick, hand lotion and of course deodorant.


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Have a Plan

Most people do better with a plan! My friend Kelly from Virtually Yours has these great packing printables to help you plan what you need to pack on your next trip. Whether you are traveling by boat, plane or car, with kids or by yourself, these printables will help you make sure you pack the right items to make your trip a success!


Here is another great resource: a free printable children’s packing list.

What do you plan to pack for your next adventure? Wherever you go, make sure you travel light and pack the necessities you need!

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