Travel Tips from Grandma Hale

My Grandma is an amazing woman! She has traveled to all 50 states, Europe, Italy, Nova Scotia and just about every else in between. At her young age of only 98, she still gets in the car and heads out on adventures and road trips. If you have followed my blog long, you have read about some of Grandma’s adventures.

A few years ago, I sat down with her and asked for some of her favorite travel tips and memories so she could share them with us. (and being the good sport she is, we got a great interview!)

Travel Tips from Grandma Hale

I asked her many more questions and she gave me some great answers. But unfortunately, what I didn’t realize is that my phone was full. I kept on hitting the record button and didn’t realize I was missing the footage. But here are some of the highlights you missed.

What are your top 3 travel memories?

I thought this would be a hard question. After all, when you have had almost 100 years to travel around the world, it would seem to be hard to narrow it down to the top three. But Grandma didn’t miss a beat. She responded with these top 3 travel memories!

My top 3 travel memories have to be the time I had an audience with the Pope, my lunch in North Dakota and the time I got the gondolier to sing!

The ride on the Gondola

When I got to Venice, I wanted to take a ride on the gondola. He was a bit grouchy and definitely not what we expected. I asked him if he was ready to sing for us and he responded rather grumpily that he only sang for extra money. I told him that he ought to pay ME to sing for him instead. That got him laughing and he started to sing for us as we took our gondola ride!

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Audience with the Pope

My audience with the Pope was of course with a few thousand of his other “closest friends” in the large courtyard (she told me with a laugh!) but it sounds better to leave out a few of those details.

Grandma proceeded to tell me more about her trip to Rome. They were camping outside the city and the electricity went out. There she was – in a strange country where she didn’t speak the language, in a campground with no electricity!

What does Grandma think about these interviews?

I was talking to Grandma today and told her that I was going to share this post. She sheepishly said that the world probably thinks she has lost her marbles. After all, who else takes a 5 day trip just to visit North Dakota so they can check it off their list? I assured her that each of us is just hoping and praying that we have her health and love for life when we are 98 years old too!

I love that I am able to spend time with my Grandma, hear stories about her life and make memories on a regular basis. Just recently, my Mom, Grandma and I, spent time studying the atlas and dreaming about our next road trip! What a treasure!

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Do you have someone in your life who is living life like my Grandma? If you could ask her a question or tell her one thing, what would you share with Grandma? I’ll pass it on when I talk to her this week!

Did you see the interview where Grandma shared her memories about quilting? Click here to see it all!

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