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Updated information about discontinued Cracker Barrel Audiobooks program as of 10/30/19

The Books on Audio exchange program is no longer available in any of our store locations. We have seen the need greatly decline due to how users listen to books today and the advance of digital technology.

You can return any title rented before Sept. 10, 2019, the date the program was discontinued, to any of our more than 650 locations to receive the return fee. Books on Audio titles will be available for purchase until the remaining inventory is gone. If interested in purchasing titles to keep, check with your local Cracker Barrel. 

Have you ever listened to audiobooks while you are traveling? What is your favorite genre to listen to? I’d love to hear!

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  1. You should try your library .most have a huge selection Of books on disk most u can keep out for two weeks and then renew if necessary .we use that Service when we travel

  2. I was sorely disappointed to find out that this program had been discontinued through this blog. I actually had my doctor recommend the audio books as she did it quite regularly on her trips to New York Cityto visit family. I guess I’ll have to try my hand at audio books on Amazon. I liked this program and how it was set up, so much better.

  3. Sadly, when stopping at a cracker barrel in OK this week, I was told they were discontinuing the books on tape rentals. You could purchase the ones left in their store but no returns. It was yours to keep. So very disappointed because the books on tape make long hours of driving less exhausting.

  4. Didn’t know this, but what a great idea. We always enjoy listening to audio books when traveling. This sounds like a really good alternative.

  5. We did this on a recent 15 hour journey. It was a great experience to “read” a book as we rode along. I sometimes find it hard to find the time in my hectic schedule to read just for fun. If you’ve not tried it…DO!

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