Travel Memory Photos with Mixtiles

I don’t know about you but I miss traveling! I miss the open road, the anticipation of what’s beyond the next curve and the adrenalin as we wait for the subway train to arrive. There’s just nothing quite like the feeling of exploring a new area. But right now, travel is not as easy or doable. But that doesn’t mean I give up on travel dreams! Instead, I am choosing to decorate with some of my travel memories. Here is a super easy way to display travel memory photos with Mixtiles.

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Travel Memory Photos with Mixtiles

I’m sure you have favorite pictures from your travel adventures. Sometimes it’s no problem to print them yourself and then drop them in frames. But what if you could make it even easier?

Last year I shared with you about a company called Mixtiles that will print your photos on lightweight frames (size 8″x8″) for only $11.00 each. It’s super simple to order your photos.

  • You simply download the app on your phone or go to their website.
  • Select your photos from your computer or your social media account.
  • Pick your frame option (white, black, no frame? Whichever option you like!)
  • Wait a few days and receive your box of photos!

I wanted to decorate the space above my piano with some of my favorite ‘road pictures’. These five pictures tell a story of big family adventures, amazing travel memories and special memories with my kids and husband. So now every time I walk through the living room past the piano I can enjoy these photos.

And if you know me and my family very well, you will know that our piano is never this empty. It is typically overflowing with all the latest musical adventures!

One of the first questions many people have about these Mixtiles is how do they stay on the wall? Do you have to drill holes or attach hooks? The great thing about these tiles is that they have an adhesive strip that leaves no residue or damage on the walls.

Just peel the strip off and attach whereever you want to display your photos! I used a level to make sure I lined up the 5 tiles.

I love the fact that I can enjoy my travel memories displayed easily with no drill or hammer required! Who else has travel photos on the wall?

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