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Travel Games Review

When we travel, we like to have lots of options to keep the kids busy. Sometimes they get to play electronics or enjoy a movie but other times we like to have them occupied with things that don’t require batteries. Superdairyboy agreed to send us a box of travel options for the kids to review. And some to share with you. (Hop over here to win some travel games and a bunch more Travel Essential Prizes!)

We got a great box stuffed full of travel games and activites.

There were magnetic activity boards, classic Wooly Willy, old school tetris and key chain carbiner games. These were a great addition to our recent 10 hour road trip.

The Kid’s and the Games

Wooly Willy was the BEST! The kids had so much fun with this classic activity. They teased and laughed while they gave Willy every imaginable magnetic mustache, hair style and facial disguise. This was a huge hit.

Travel Tetris My son is a huge electronic gadget lover. He was fascinated with playing this old time game. He got a good kick out of teasing me that the reason I was good at Tetris is because it doesn’t have very many buttons or features. I was surprised at how much he enjoyed this game.

Amuseument Park, Puppy Play Time and Pet Shop Magnetic Create A Scene These are great travel accessories. We punched out the magnetic pieces and put them in their own individual ziploc bags. The books open up and give the kids a hard magnetic surface to build and create unlimited scenes. The pieces are also fun to combine and use on a cooke tray. That way you have an edge to help contain the pieces when traveling.

Travel Magnetic Bingo Every child loves bingo when you are traveling. It is a great way to pass many miles and enjoy the passing scenery. The only problem with these bingo cards is that my 2 youngest kids would bump their board after they had magnetically placed some of the balls on the spots. Then the board would be cleared and they had to start over. I think magnetic spots or pieces would work better than the rolling magnetic balls.

Travel Keychain Twister What a fun way to take along the classic Twister game. This is a small keychain spinner that opens up. Inside are all the round spots you need to create your personal Twister game on the floor of a motel or out at a park or rest area.

My kids loved the opportunity to do their own personal product reviews on these games.

Thanks to Superdairyboy for offering the games for us to review!

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