Travel Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Need

Just like many of you, I love to travel and explore the world around me. Traveling can be the best part of life, but sometimes problems come up that we need to solve. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite travel gadgets that you didn’t know you need, but I have a feeling you’re going to want to add some of these to your travel gear bag!

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travel gadgets you didn't know you need

Travel Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Need

Insulated Water Bottle

One thing all travelers have in common is the need to stay hydrated. Most of us prefer to use a filtered water bottle or an insulated thermos. The RootBlue bottle keeps your cold beverages chilled for 24 hours and your hot drinks warm for 12 hours and also comes with a paracord handle so you have the added benefit of the survival options in an emergency situation.

What can you do with a Paracord bracelet? Check out these 10 Things a Paracord Bracelet can be used for!

Rootblue Thermos


This is a problem I have experienced, but I never even thought about how easy it would be to solve this issue. Have you ever been carrying your purse or diaper bag in a public bathroom where there wasn’t a hook on the door? The Clipa Purse Holder solve this problem in a very simple way! You can wear the Clipa as a bracelet or loop it through your bag. Then when you need a quick door hook, you just open the Clipa and pop it on the door. Super simple!

Clipa purse hanger

The Clipa comes in three different colors so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle best! The Clipa holds 33 lbs., lasts 10 years and only weighs 1.6 ounces.

clipa purse hanger

Scrubba WashBag

The Scrubba Allurette™ Washbag is something that just makes sense for every traveler to carry in their suitcase. Have you ever been on vacation, at a campsite or on a business trip when a piece of your delicate clothing gets dirty. You know you need to get it washed immediately but maybe there’s no time to go to a coin operated laundry. And some hotels don’t even have a washing machine available.

Scrubba Allurette™ Washer

The Scrubba Allurette™ washer excels at gently and effectively washing virtually all delicates and hand-wash only activewear. Small loads can be gently and effectively washed in just minutes. It is perfect for fashion-lovers with lots of hand-wash only clothing, parents who need to wash baby clothes, active women, the environmentally-conscious, travelers and those with sensitive skin. It is twice as effective as hand washing and a lot more hygienic that a dirty hotel sink.

The Scrubba Wash Bag comes in three different varieties so you can use the one that best fits your needs. You can even get the Scrubba Washer that doubles as a waterproof backpack.

Traditional Scrubba Washer | Allurette™ for Delicates | Scrubba Stealth Bag

Scrubba Washers

What are some travel gadgets that you always travel with? I’d love to hear the things that are making your life easier!

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  1. I’ve never used these neat gadgets but wow- what a neat idea to have a portable way to wash clothing

  2. Have not used one, but it looks really interesting! With summer here and roads trips literally every weekend, this will surely come in handy!

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