Traces of Guilt Book Review

I am a fan of Author Dee Henderson and received a copy of this book for the purpose of the review from Bethany House. No monetary compensation was received.

Traces of Guilt is the newest release from one of my favorite authors Dee Henderson. But there is one problem with this book (and I’m sure some of you can relate!) When I started reading it, I was virtually unable to get anything else done the entire weekend. Yep! Every free minute of the weekend found me with my head buried in the book!

Traces of Guilt

One of the reasons I love the books by Dee Henderson is the way she weaves in favorite characters from her other series. One of my favorite characters, Ann Falcon, from Full Disclosure not only makes an appearance in Traces of Guilt but also carries on as a prominent character throughout the book. There’s just something comfortable when a familiar face shows up in a new series.

This is not the first book by Dee Henderson I have enjoyed, but it is the only one I currently have on my shelf. Why is that? It almost doesn’t make sense that I would have a favorite author and not own my own copies of all her books.

I am a firm believer in sharing the books I read, review and love with my friends and family. We have always had a great book chain going on. I typically read a book first, then share it directly with my Dad. From there my books usually go straight to my 96 year old Grandma who then passes it on to the next person on her chain. Sometimes when I finish a book, I pass them on to a coworker or friend in the community. But books are intended to be read not just stuck on a shelf gathering dust.

Now that I have finished Traces of Guilt, it’s time for this book to continue the journey to the next person on the share list.

About Traces of Guilt

  • Evie Blackwell is heading to a rural area in Illinois to help solve two cold case crimes.
  • Sheriff Gabriel Thane is passionate about doing his job and keeping order in the county.
  • Josh Thane is the local fisherman who has never forgotten his childhood friend.
  • Grace Arnett is the childhood friend, but she has a past and a problem.

The Thane family is ready to face some hard times together, open some old wounds and find healing as well as answers to some unsolved local crimes.  Don’t be lured into thinking that Traces of Guilt is a typical “boy meets girl; falls in love; live happily ever after” type of book. One of the things I love the most about Dee Henderson’s writing is the twists and turns. You may think you know where the book is going, but it doesn’t get there the same way you expect.

When Evie arrives in Carin, Illinois, it’s to help launch a new task force focused on unsolved crimes across the state. She will work with the sheriff’s department on a couple of its most troubling missing-persons cases. As she studies old evidence to pull out a few tenuous new leads, she unearths surprising connections. One way or another, she knows Gabriel Thane and his family will be key to the answers she seeks.

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About the Author

Dee Henderson is the author of 14 best-selling novels, including the acclaimed O’Malley series and the Uncommon Heroes series. As a leader in the inspirational romantic suspense category, her books have won or been nominated for several prestigious industry awards, including the RWA’s RITA Award, the Christy Award, the ECPA Gold Medallion, the Holt Medallion, the National Readers’ Choice Award, and the Golden Quill. Dee is a lifelong resident of Illinois.

Have you ever read any books by Dee Henderson? Which one is your favorite?

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