Toy Ideas that Spark Imagination

Ready for some fun toy ideas to add to your shopping list this holiday season? Sometimes when it’s time to start planning what is going to go under the tree, it’s hard to come up with something unique and different. Well, I’m here to help you with some fun toy ideas that spark imagination.

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2 Toy Ideas that Spark Imagination

For Trick Stots- Lightup Crossbow

In our family, we love the shooting sports. In fact, my husband and I have competed in two different GSSF shooting competitions this year. I won’t begin to pretend that I’m the best shot in the competition, but it sure is fun to be competitive and have some fun. So it’s no surprise that our kids love to shoot as well. The FireTek Crossbow is the perfect addition to my son’s collection.


And of course, Luke had to try out his best trick shot. He grabbed a hand mirror, one of my birthday balloons and asked me to start recording. He was determined to hit the famous Annie Oakley shot!


This Firetek Crossbow shoots over 45 feet with supreme accuracy. The arrows light up and stick to any flat surface and self-release after 10 seconds!

For the Artist – IDO3D Vertical Pens

Don’t get fooled by the fact that you can design cartoon characters and basic sunglasses, this 3D pen set is not just a toy for kids. This 3D pen set is an opening for a whole new world of design. It is a little messy and takes patience, but that is something that artists are already well accustomed to. Because we all know that true art (whether it’s created with pen and paper, paintbrush and canvas or ink and an LED light) is something that is worth the wait!


In the interest of full disclosure, I will have to admit that this was tough for me. I’m not a patient person and I don’t do well with art that requires me to take my time. The IDO3D Vertical Pens are incredibly cool, but they are really for an artist, not for a person like me who has 3 speeds – fast, faster, fastest. I can’t wait to see what my artist niece does with these pens when we share them with her in a few weeks! Now, she will be the one to create something amazing!

  • IDO3D uses a cool blue LED light and soft, squeezable 3D pens that enable you to easily draw 3D objects! The IDO3D Vertical light attaches to each pen by clicking firmly into place. The light can easily be removed from one pen, and placed on another by simply pulling it off, and popping it onto another. It’s a snap!
  • With IDO3D Vertical, you can draw vertically, straight into the air. To do so, turn on your light, and simply draw upward by squeezing your pen and moving the tip vertically, away from your drawing surface. You can also make solid sheets of material by drawing on flat or curved surfaces, first with the light off, and curing afterward by shining the light on your art. Draw on non-sticky textured materials or objects like coins or buttons, and then remove for very cool effects. Fun!
    • Thin lines and shapes can be made thicker by drawing over the top of your finished work. And when filling in a large area, apply a thin layer of ink and allow it to settle. Then cure it with the light, and if necessary, cure on the back side of the included drawing sheet. Easy!

What toy ideas do you have on your holiday wish list? I’d love to hear how you are using gift ideas to spark imagination in your kids lives!

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