“To Plant a Garden” Metal Tumbler


I love the quote by Audrey Hepburn that says “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. Every time I plant seeds, I think of the act of faith and hope that is required. It’s often impossible to imagine that something so tiny as a seed can produce massive amounts of beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables. Each season we start new gardens and show that we believe tomorrow is coming. I decided to put this quote on a skinny metal tumbler so I can share this quote with my friend who also loves to garden. *You can also adapt this design to fit a regular-size coffee mug and use your Cricut Easy Press.

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“To Plant a Garden” Metal Tumbler

I chose two contrasting designs of infusible ink. I wanted one that was a bright cheery floral pattern and then something a little more muted so the words would stand out.



Measure the height and width of your skinny tumbler and then cut the two pieces to fit. Remember that you will only show the phrase on one half of the mug.

Use heat-safe tape to attach both pieces of infusible ink to your mug. Don’t tape directly on the tumbler or you will get a white rectangle when it is finished baking. Tape the two pieces of infusible ink to each other and form a complete wrap around the mug.

Place it in the heat press and hit start. Use tongs or a towel to turn your tumbler after 30 seconds so it will bake the entire design completely. I did this tumbler for 2 minutes – turning after each 30-second beep. Depending on the heat of your press, you may need to adjust your time.

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