Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Thrift stores can be a great option for finding items you need at a bargain price. My parents are the masters at finding amazing home decor items at thrift stores for a fraction of the original price. Over the past 10 years, I’ve found some great bargains as well. There are a few thrift store shopping tips that will help you find some great treasures.


Thrift Store Shopping Tips

No returns or credit

Check for stains and tears before you leave the store. I once found a Tommy Hilfiger shirt that I fell in love with for only .99! The only problem was that I didn’t look closely. When I got home in a more natural light I found stains and even a tear under the sleeve. I could have saved my dollar if I had looked closely before I bought it.

Know how to pay

Some thrift stores don’t take credit cards. Others won’t take a check. So before you search for your treasures, make sure you know what kind of payment the store will accept.

Look beyond the dust.

There are some thrift stores that are spotless, keep their inventory in nice rows and hung neatly on racks. But there are other stores that are known more for the quantity of their merchandise rather than the neatness of their store shelves. Sometimes you have to dig or look beyond the dust and mess to find the treasures. But if you take the time to search, you really might find something amazing.

We always keep hand-sanitizer in the car that we pass around whenever we leave a thrift store.

Check for discount days

Our local thrift store often puts items on sale at different times throughout the year. One year they had winter coats on sale for .99 each toward the end of the winter season. Sometimes it’s kids clothes on half price sale – each item for only .49 instead of the normal .99. Some stores offer senior discount on a particular day of the week.

Check with your local store and find out which day is the best time to shop.

Huck Finn Costume: overalls ($4); Flannel Shirt ($1.50); Hat ($1) Cane fishing pole (free from friend)
Huck Finn Costume: overalls ($4); Flannel Shirt ($1.50); Hat ($1) Cane fishing pole (free from friend)

Do you love shopping at thrift stores? What’s been your favorite find? Feel free to brag about your best discovery!

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