Tips for Redeeming Warranties

When we make a purchase, there is one word I am always looking for – warranty! There are many products that claim they will last for 5, 7 or 10 years. If a company feels confident to promise that their product will last for a certain number of years, I often think they should stand behind that claim. I am not a super organized person in every area of life, but I do have several tips for redeeming warranties that may help you save some money.

redeeming warranties

Tips for Redeeming Warranties

The best time to prepare for redeeming a warranty is the moment you buy a product and see the warranty claim. Items like light bulbs, water hoses, and electronic items often have the words “limited warranty”. When I make a purchase that has those magic words, I go to work as soon as I get home.

  • Find the directions for redeeming the warranty and make sure I have all the necessary parts.
  • Circle the product on the receipt.
  • Attach the receipt to the packaging that has the redemption instructions.
  • Make a note as to what this product is and where it is being used. Since I will forget where I used those lightbulbs, I write on the packaging any instructions to help me remember. Light bulb in boys lamp, or used in living room floor lamp)
  • File the receipt and packaging in a special file called Warranties.

Now I’m prepared. Hopefully the product will perform as it should for it’s lifetime. But if it doesn’t I can easily send in the warranty information and get the product replaced.

My experience with Warranty Claims

I have had lightbulbs that don’t last the promised time. I had a water hose that was supposed to be good for 7 years that started leaking after only 1 season. We painted our deck with a certain brand of deck stain that was guaranteed for 7 years. It started bubbling and chipping after a few months. Since I had the receipts and warranty redemption information filed, I was able to claim those warranties and get a replacement product.

Do you ever redeem warranties for defective products? Got any additional tips?

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