8 Tips for Fall Family Fun Days

This past weekend my family headed out to enjoy a local Family Fun Day in Tennessee.  The whole day was provided to the community free of charge, complete with an antique car show, wagon rides out to some scenic locations and plenty of food and fun for the whole family. Here are 8 tips for fall family fun days that everyone needs to know before you head out to your local Fall Festival or city fun day.

The Family Fun Day in the Burke Community, located just 15 minutes from Crossville, Tennessee, was a great day of memories and fun.

8 Tips for Fall Family Fun Days

fall family fun days
  1. Take sunscreen and bug spray.  Even though it’s September, there are still plenty of hot days.  Be prepared with bug spray and sunscreen to keep everyone from burning or itching while out enjoying you family fun day.
  2. Plan for hidden expenses.  Fortunately, the Family Fun Day we visited was 100% free.  But most fall festivals and family days will have surprise expenses.  You may have to pay for parking, drinks, or activities.
  3. Charge your Camera Battery.  Whether you find an antique car show or a wagon ride out to a scenic hike, you’re going to want to record your memories.  Charge your battery and clear off your camera card before you go so you’ll be ready for those special moments.
  4. Fall Family Fun Day
    Antique Car Show
  5. Don’t try to do it all.  Remember that family fun days and fall festivals are supposed to be FUN.  If you put yourself under pressure to do it all and see everything there is to offer, you will miss the most important part.  These days are supposed to be fun, relaxing opportunities to enjoy time with the people you love.  Make the most of it and don’t turn it into stress.
  6. Pack Snacks/Water. You are going to be thirsty and want a snack when you’re out exploring a fall festival day. Be prepared and pack some water and snacks in a backpack. That way you will be ready for the hungry moments.
  7. Information Booths are there for a Reason!  If you are going to a new  Fall Festival or Fun Day,  make sure to stop in at the information booths that are typically positioned close to the entrance.  You may be able to pick up a map  or schedule so you will know when the main events are happening.
  8. Ask the locals.  Many fall festivals attendees are regulars.  They come every year and know the best places to see and events to participate in.  Feel free to ask the people around you for their best advice.  I’m sure you’ll get plenty of help.
  9. Enjoy the Local Sounds. Many festivals feature local musicians who are having as much fun performing as you are. Take a few minutes to appreciate the sounds of the festival. Take a look at their display booth. You may find a new favorite CD to take home and add to your collection.
family fun day musicians
famiy fun day
A super hot day, but a fun family day!

Our Family Fun Day was very hot but it lived up to the name. We enjoyed time with family and had a great time. When is the last time you headed out to a fall family fun day? Got any great tips or stories? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Love the charge the camera battery one. It’s the worst when you get somewhere and you really want to take pictures just to realize you forgot to charge the darn thing.

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