Tips for Beginner Metal Detecting

Like many people, we’ve always been fascinated by the world of metal detectors. A few weeks ago, we ordered a new Minelab metal detector and have been exploring our yard and farm. So far, we haven’t found anything substantial, but we have been enjoying the new hobby and learning a lot. If you have been thinking about starting the hobby of metal detecting, here are a few tips.

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Tips for Beginner Metal Detectors

Wear Gloves

You don’t want to find glass or sharp metal when you are digging through the dirt, so wear gloves and keep your fingers safe.

Know the Location Rules

There are definitely some places that are off-limits. State and national parks do not allow you to metal detect but there are many public areas that are open. Do a little research before you take out your metal detector.

Learn about your Detector

I will admit that I’m not really good about reading the manuals or learning about new equipment but fortunately my husband and kids have been doing a good job of researching so they understand what the beeps mean and how to operate the metal detector.

The more you understand your machine, the more you will enjoy the hobby.

Dispose of Trash Properly

One of the guarantees, when you are metal detecting, is that you will find trash as well as good stuff. Take a trash bag with you when you are out on your adventures so you can throw away the random aluminum cans, rusty nails, and bottle caps that you will inevitably dig up.

Enjoy the greatest treasure – the memories

There are people who will find coins, rings and actual treasure, but the likelihood is that most of us will find something far greater. The memories of my kids and husband out digging through dirt and making holes in our front yard are far more valuable than any potential discoveries.

What have we found so far?

But of course, you are probably curious as to what we have found so far in our beginning adventures. We found part of a toy tractor, a car light bulb, a glass bottle, more rusty nails and screws than we can count and of course aluminum cans. We also found a nickel that one of us probably dropped on one of our annual Easter egg hunts.

I was excited to find the glass bottle so it could join my collection of other bottles.

Have you ever used a metal detector? What treasures have you found? I’d love to hear your favorite stories!

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