Tips to Ease the Moving Experience

Moving to a new house is an exciting experience.  Moving brings the opportunity to create a new life, decorate a brand new living area, plant new flowers and make new friends.  But the actual moving experience can sometimes be overwhelming.  There’s the stress of packing, uncertainties about the future and the daunting task of transporting everything you own to a new location.

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Tips to Ease the Moving Experience

Whether you are in the middle of the moving experience or just starting the packing process, there are some definite tips to make your life just a little less stressful.

Tips to Ease the Moving Experience

Find the right tools for the job

Boxes:  There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to pack up your years of accumulated treasures and not having the right size box or enough tape.  When you are ready to start packing the boxes, get as many as you think you’ll need, then add a few more.  Look for boxes that are similar sizes so you can pack them easily in the moving truck.

Where can you find boxes?  Some people prefer to purchase their moving boxes from a moving supply company.  Others prefer to find them in office supply stores or look for them when grocery stores are restocking shelves.  One other option is to check on local yard sale sites online.  You can often find a stash of moving boxes where someone else has just unpacked.

No matter which boxes you choose, make sure they are sturdy, dry and have no residue left over from the original products.

Tape:  Tape is a product that you just don’t want to run out of.  Buy in bulk and buy the best quality you can afford.   You will need more tape than you imagine.  You don’t want to have to keep running out to the store to restock your supply.

Labels:   Different people have their favorite way of labeling the boxes.  Whether you use a sharpie marker or print off labels, remember to put the room name and the list of contents.  That way when the truck is being unloaded, your movers or volunteers will know exactly which room to take the box to.

Remember that there are some things you will want to unpack sooner than others.  Label a box clearly if it is something important that you will need on the first night in your new home.

  • Example: 
    • NEED ASAP:  Bed sheets; towels, pillows
    • NEED ASAP: Cleaning Supplies

Get Creative When Packing:

Let’s face it.  You’ve probably got a lot of stuff to pack.  You don’t want to get too ambitious and pack large boxes full of heavy books.  Remember, whatever you pack in the boxes, you or someone you love will probably be the one to have to pick up that box and unload it in your new house.  Instead of packing large boxes, think about using small to medium boxes.

  • Pack the boxes halfway with heavy items, and then fill the top half with light objects.
  • Use stuffed animals and decorative pillows to fill the tops of boxes that are loaded with books.
  • Kitchen towels make great wrapping for breakable kitchen dishes.
  • When you have an item that has to be unscrewed before the move, place all the screws and hardware in a small plastic baggie and then tape that bag to the underside of the furniture.
  • Use pipe cleaners, bread ties or empty toilet paper rolls to corral phone cords, computer chargers or other plugs.
  • Remember to take out batteries if you will be storing electronics for very long.
  • Empty fuel containers before storing or loading your moving truck.

Moving to a new home can be an amazing experience but you don’t want to be stressed.  What are your best tips for moving?  I’d love to hear!

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