12 Things To Take Camping

There are things that everyone knows to pack for a camping trip with the family. No one would even think about going camping without a sleeping bag, pillow, bug spray or a pack of hot dogs. But there are a few things that many people don’t pack that can definitely make your camping experience easier. Here are 12 Things to Take Camping that you don’t want to forget.

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12 Things to take Camping


A sharpie allows you to keep up with your water bottle without extra hassle. Most people like to sip on water throughout the day while sitting around the campsite, but all water bottles look the same. Mark the owner’s name with a sharpie and life gets simple.

Trash Bags:

Camping generates trash. Make sure you remember to bring along some extra bags to help you keep your campsite free of trash and debris.

Glow Sticks:

Everyone remembers to bring flashlights for trips to the bathhouse after dark, but glow sticks are a super fun way to keep up with the kids and give them a boost of fun. They can wear them, wave them or use them as wands while they catch lightning bugs. They are a cheap addition to any camp experience.

Antibacterial Wipes and lotion:

Keeping hands clean while out in nature can be a challenge. Toss in some hand cleaner and get the fingers clean before you pick up a sandwich or a bag of chips.

Dish soap:

If you are doing any cooking, you will need to have a way to get your dishes clean. Many campsites have a dish sink located up near the bathhouses so you can wash your dishes, but you must bring your own dish detergent. (And don’t forget a hand towel to dry them!)

Laundry detergent:

There are often laundromats on the campground. If you get soaked by the rain or have a sick kid, you will need to be able to clean up the mess. Buying laundry detergent at a camp store is usually more expensive. I like to toss in a travel size box of detergent so I’ll be ready in case of an emergency.


Sometimes it’s hard to get change when you’re out camping. Keep plenty of quarters in your vehicle in case you need to use the laundromats on site.

Camera and charged battery:

Camping gives you plenty of great photo opportunities. Don’t let yourself get stuck without a camera or charged battery. Remember that you may not have electricity outlets where you can charge your battery. You can pick up a portable battery charger for less than $20.00 on Amazon.com.

12 Things to Take Camping

Blankets or jacket:

Even though it is hot during the day, don’t forget a few extra blankets or a jacket. Nights get chilly and you often want to have something to keep you a little warmer while you’re sitting around the campsite.

Card Games:

There’s no better time to enjoy a game of Rook, UNO or Dominos than when you have finished supper around a campsite.  Without the pressure of real life, the whole family can kick back and play some games.  Even if it rains, as long as you have a tarp or tent you can create some great memories with some games.

Extra Matches or Lighter:

It’s hard to light a fire with damp matches.  I always pack a back up lighter or box of matches in the glove box so I won’t get caught unable to start a campfire.

Paper towels or Kleenex:

You never know when you will need to clean up extra messes.  Paper towels work for lunch plates as well as spills in the tent.

Print this Checklist for Camping

Camping Checklist

Printable Camping Checklist

What things do you make sure you and take when you go camping? Share in the comments!

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  1. Great list! We also pack the packable rain jackets (or you could use ponchos from the Dollar Tree).

  2. thanks, just got back from
    camping in a pop-up camper.a sharpie would have helpful. and quarters, and more matches and lighters

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