Things to See on Route 66

Many of us have watched the Cars movie and heard about one of the most iconic roads in American History, but how many of us have actually driven and explored Route 66? On our recent road trip, we got off the interstate and traveled for several hours through Hackberry and Seligman in Arizona on Route 66. You just never know what you will find when you slow down and take the back roads.

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Things to See on Route 66

We left Las Vegas , spent some time at Hoover Dam and then headed towards Williams, Arizona. But we didn’t want to stay on the interstate. When we got to Kingman, we took a slight detour on Route 66. We weren’t sure what to expect but we were ready for adventure.

Route 66


About 30 miles off the interstate, we discovered the little area of Hackberry. What a fun place to stop and explore. Hackberry General Store is more than a novelty shop, tourist stop, bathroom break, and stretch break.

Hackberry General Store Route 66 Arizona

This is a fun place to walk around and get some pictures of cacti, old cars, and amazing mountains.

Hackberry General Store

Hackberry General Store

After you wander around outside, spend a few minutes and buy a fun souvenir to remember the experience at Hackberry!

Hackberry General Store

There are not alot of things to see between Hackberry and Seligman, but look for the classic Burma Shave Signs along the way. Keep an eye out for tumblweed as you drive!

Burma Shave Signs on Route 66


About 60 miles past Hackberry, you’ll come to the town of Seligman. This is a definite place to stop! Seligman has a small population of 456 but has many visitors from around the world every year.The main street is full of great little shops and places to explore.

Look carefully and you may even see some familiar characters.

I love this quote from the Cars movie “Back then, cars didn’t drive on the road to make good time; they drove on it to have a good time.”

Route 66 Seligman Arizona

Have you ever driven on Route 66? What is your favorite little roadside town or shop that you have found?

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Pedestrian walkways over the streets in Las Vegas
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