Things to Remember when you Stay in a Condo

One of the most memorable parts of any vacation is where you stay. Whether you are staying in a condo for a family vacation or in a hotel on a work trip, there are several things we do anytime we stay a night away from home.

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5 Things to Think about when you stay in a Hotel

Plan for sleep

Some people find it difficult to sleep in strange hotels or condos. There are different lights, sounds and the bedding feels off. Make it a little easier to get some sleep by packing a few helpful comfort items. Bring a familiar blanket or your favorite pillow.

Pack a sleep mask with customizable memory foam eyecups that mold around your eyes to create a comfortable, leak-free seal around each eye. This means no pressure on your eyes and total darkness on demand so you can sleep deeply anytime, anywhere.

If you plan to do any work on a computer or phone as you near bedtime, take along blue-light-blocking glasses. Wear them for a few hours before bed, and you’ll be helping your body get the deep, sleep it needs.

Be ready to leave quickly

Have you thought about what you would do if the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night? I always keep a flashlight beside my bed with my purse and shoes. If I need to leave quickly, I can be on the move in seconds. I keep my car keys in my purse so if I am unable to come back to my room, I’ll be able to get home.

Make sure you know where the stairs are so you can navigate quickly if you need to evacuate in the dark.

Memorize your Room Number

Your hotel or condo room number is your address away from home so take a minute to memorize the number and then remember to not advertise the information. Just like you don’t announce your home address to strangers, remember to keep your vacation address private. Memorize it and don’t advertise it to people you meet.

Store Luggage off the Floor

No matter how clean a hotel may look, there is still the chance of bedbugs. We never place luggage on the floor. Instead, we use the luggage racks or place our suitcases on the furniture so we lessen our chances of having bed bugs come home after vacation.

Start off with Pictures

The first thing we do when we enter a condo is to take pictures of all the decorations. That way we will easily be able to leave things exactly as we find them.

Separate Your Valuables

You always think your valuables will be secure when you leave your room but it’s best to err on the side of caution. Don’t assume that housekeeping won’t come in early or someone might find a way to enter your room without your knowledge. Keep your valuables in separate places so if someone does come in with ill intentions then you won’t be wiped out. Use the safe in your room and store your money in different places in your luggage.

What tips do you have for staying in a condo? Got any great ideas to make your condo stay more enjoyable?

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