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Have you gone to any light shows this holiday season? We typically take the Southern Lights tour in Lexington, Ky but this year we branched out and drove through Mega Caverns and enjoyed Lights Under Louisville as well as the Camp Jordan Lightshow in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you haven’t had time to enjoy the holiday lights, there’s still time. Most light shows have a few more nights still for you to load up the family and take the tour.


Tips for Enjoying the Holiday Light Show

No matter where you are, there are a few things to remember when you decide to drive through the light shows. On our Louisville trip, we packed up the kids, the grandparents and of course my 95 year old Grandma. Our van was full of lots of laughter, some music, lots of stories and many oohs and ahhs as we took our tour.


But we did learn a few things that most of us know but we often forget. Here’s a refresher course before you head out to enjoy the Christmas lights.

Go later – not On time

Many of the light shows are busiest right at the beginning of the night. Wait a while before getting to the park and you won’t have to wait as long. If you can handle the late night, try going an hour before closing. Chances are you won’t have to wait long at all.

We did end up having to wait for about an hour to star the Lights Under Louisville tour, but the time passed quickly as we sang, told stories and laughed. Three generations together closed up in the mini van gave us lots of opportunities to create memories!

Lights Under Louisville had a very efficient system involving lots of rows and 2 parking lots. When you first arrive, you are funneled into the first lot. Every two minutes, they release a row of cars to move to the next lot. We arrived at 7:00 and were able to enter the cave in exactly one hour.


Take Cash

Some light shows don’t take credit card. Prices range from $15-$25 per mini-van load. Be prepared with some cash so you don’t end up waiting in line with no way to pay.

cash or check only

Don’t drink before you go

It’s never a good idea to drink hot cocoa or a big cup of coffee before heading through the tour of lights – especially not for small children. You may end up being in the car with no access to a restroom for several hours. There are port a potties available in some of the waiting lots, but there is no guarantee that you will be stopped at the right place.


Lights Under Louisville – open till January 3, 2016


Load up the kids and enjoy a 30 minute ride through part of 17 miles of underground passageways, which features over 850 lit characters with over 2,000,000 points of light. It’s the only underground light show of its kind on the planet.

lights under louisville 3
lights under louisville 2

We loved Lights Under Louisville this year! We have never been to Mega Caverns and were very impressed with how large and elaborate the light show was. As you drive through the cave, you are treated to a series of themed light shows ranging from Kentucky Proud, to Tinsel Town to the Birth of Jesus.


Christmas Night of Lights is a musical experience like none other. Each of the thousands of lights is synced to the music. Even the snowmen are singing along with the songs as you drive through. This is a spectacular event that is definitely worth your time. Not only is this a holiday themed event, but you also get to experience the thrill of being a proud American as the flag lights up to God Bless the USA.


Christmas Nights of Lights is one of the most amazing drive-thru Christmas light shows you will ever experience! Hundreds of thousands of LED lights, driven by over one thousand computer channels, synchronized to both traditional and new rocking Christmas music playing through your car radio. Pack your vehicle full of friends and family to enjoy the show as you begin a new Christmas tradition.


We’ve visited Southern Lights in Lexington, Kentucky several times! This tour of lights is a must-see in the Lexington area and allows you to enjoy the museums and sites of the Kentucky Horse Park. (open till December 31, 2015)

Do you enjoy touring these light shows? Where is your favorite? I’d love to hear!

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