Things to Know: KY Horse Park


When most people think about touring the Kentucky Horse Park, they think about the summer events like Breyerfest, the jumping events, or Hats off to Kentucky Day. But have you thought about taking a tour through the Horse Park in the winter season? Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean the adventures should stop. The winter season offers some amazing opportunities to explore and experience the Kentucky Horse Park!

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Things to Know: KY Horse Park

We have visited the Kentucky Horse Park many times over the past 15 years. We’ve been to events, seen the shows, and explored the museums but this most recent visit was one of the most unique times we’ve had at the Horse Park.

Enjoy Smaller Crowds

When the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful, you get to enjoy the Horse Park with all the crowds. But during the winter season, there are fewer tourists and more of an opportunity to get up close and experience all the park has to offer.

Plan for Winter Weather

On the day of our latest visit, the sky was grey and the temperatures were chilly. There was even a threat of rain or snow in the forecast. The forecast may have kept some people at home, but we were fortunate enough to enjoy a full day of fun despite the dreary weather.

On our visit, we started with the horse barns and stall-side chats so we could enjoy them before the rain started. Take a look at the forecast and plan your day accordingly.

Check the Schedule

The winter season has a scaled-back schedule for the stall side chats and horse experiences. Check the schedule before you begin your day so you can make sure to hit all the barns at the right times. The barns are close enough that you can walk to the barns, interact with the horses, and participate in the programs at each barn with plenty of time to then get to the next one.

I definitely recommend attending each of the demonstrations and stall-side chats. These are a great way to learn more about each of the horses and what the different barns focus on.

Take your time in the Museums

There are two museums at the Kentucky Horse Park. The International Museum of the Horse is the larger of the two and will take a little longer to go through. If you are feeling pressed for time, you can get through the museum in an hour. Of course, there are enough exhibits to stay longer if time allows.

With over 64,000 square feet, IMH is dedicated to the history of the horse and its unique relationship with humans through time. Permanent museum exhibitions highlight the history of the horse from ancient times to the many popular sporting events of modern times.

The American Saddlebred Museum is located on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park and is included in your admission. The American Saddlebred Museum houses the largest collection of Saddlebred artifacts in the world.

This museum is a bit smaller than the International Museum of the Horse and can be toured in as little as a half hour if you need to move faster. There are many interactive opportunities to engage with the exhibits.

Have you visited the Kentucky Horse Park in the winter season? What is your favorite part of this iconic Kentucky landmark? I’d love to hear!

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