Things to Know about the Symphony

When was the last time you attended a symphony or a concert that was focused on instruments instead of vocals? We love attending concerts, visiting museums, and finding ways to make memories with our family. This past month our family had the opportunity to attend two different orchestras. If you have been planning a symphony for your 2024 family calendar, here are a few things to think about.

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Things to Know about the Symphony

Pick the Right Event

If this is your first orchestral event, then you might want to choose music that you and your family recognize. Many cities have themed concerts throughout the season that will focus on different genres that might be more interesting to you. Our family attended the Space, Dinosaurs, and Magic: The Music of John Williams concert in Lexington. What an amazing night of music where we went on a journey through some of the most beautiful movie scores. From Jurassic Park, ET, and Star Wars to Indiana Jones and Harry Potter, we recognized so many of the themes and loved every minute of the experience.

Know When to Clap

A symphonic event is not the time to be a leader. There are specific times to clap between works of music. If you’re not 100% sure a piece is over, then don’t lead the clapping. Wait for the conductor to lower their arms before making any noise.

Be On Time

Symphonic scores are often lengthy pieces of music so if you arrive after the event starts, you will probably be asked to wait in the wings or foyer until there is a break. Most orchestra venues don’t allow or encourage you to enter late.

Ask for Help Finding Your Seat

Most orchestras will have ushers outside the doors to help you find your seat. Just show them your ticket and they will direct you to the best place to enter.

Take a Cough Drop or Gum

The last thing your neighbor wants to hear during the middle of a concert is a cough. We always tuck a piece of cough drop or piece of gum in our pocket that we can use if a cough starts. Just remember to be careful when you unwrap the paper.

Check on Student Tickets

Symphony tickets can be kind of pricey but there are ways to save money. Many venues offer discounts for kids under 17 or college students.

Have you been to a symphony recently with your family? I’d love to hear what music you heard and how your experience was. If you haven’t been to a symphony yet, let me know if you plan to attend one in 2024.

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