Things to Know about National Harbor

We’ve visited Washington DC several times over the past years but this summer is the first time we’ve been to National Harbor. Located along the Potomac River less than 15 miles from the Monuments and Memorials, the National Harbor is a great place for family fun!

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Things to Know about National Harbor

National Harbor Murals

The National Harbor has some amazing murals, statues and other works of art from local and national artists. The most famous sculpture is “The Awakening,” Seward Johnson’s metal sculpture of a giant emerging from the ground is a great place to stretch and explore. And of course there are some fun photo opps.

Take a stroll down American Way and enjoy all the pieces of art including the glass art works along the steps by Cheryl Foster of the commissioned admiral of the Chesapeake Bay, Carl White holding a skipjack boat’s wheel; and a Boatwright, or ship-builder, holding oakum (tarred fiber), as he builds a ship’s deck.

National Harbor’s Waterfront District has enough art to be considered it’s own gallery, including works by Seward Johnson, custom glass mosaics and much more.

Don’t miss out on the Seward Johnson statues too! Take a look at some of the Seward Johnson art installations around the country!

Have you ever visited the National Harbor outside Washington DC? What’s your favorite piece of art!

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