Things to Know about a Drive In Concert

One of the things many of us have really missed in the last year is live music events. Fortunately, there are some great innovations happening that are allowing us to experience live concerts in some unusual venues. This past weekend, our family went to a drive in concert to hear Zach Williams, Mac Powell and a new group called Cain. This event was full of the same energy you expect from a concert in an arena or theater hall. If you have been considering buying a ticket for a drive in concert, here are 10 things you should know before you go

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Things to Know about a Drive In Concert

Buy the best ticket you can afford

Drive in concerts have tiered parking spots. There are the premium/platinum level parking spots that put you up on the front row. Those of course are going to be more expensive. As you get farther from the stage, the price for the ticket goes down but so does the visibility to the stage. The thing to remember is that the musicians are live on the stage but will be shown on the screen for those in the back. So if you are craving the on stage, up close experience, pay the bigger ticket price. If you are just there for the atmosphere and are happy with watching the screen, then you can save money on your ticket.

*Remember that the screen won’t be visible until it’s fully dark. So if you park towards the back, you may miss seeing some of the first acts while you wait for the sun to set.

Tickets are per car, not per person

Most drive in concerts charge per car but there are still limits on how many people can be in the vehicle. Our concert vehicle limit was 6 people. When you purchase your ticket, remember that you are basically splitting the ticket cost between 6 people.

Don’t be surprised by the ticket fees

When you plan for your ticket cost, remember that the online venue will add in handling fees for the ticket. Don’t be surprised when you get hit with additional fees when you get to the check out.

Plan for Comfortable Seating

If you have a truck, then take some blankets so you can sit in the back and enjoy the concert from the back. Make sure everyone has a bag chair. Most drive in concerts will remind you to keep any hatchback at the level of your vehicle to ensure everyone in the back can see.

Layer Up for Cool Evenings

Remember that it will be cooler as the concert goes on and you will be outside. Take a jacket and plenty of blankets so you can layer up as the temperatures drop. If you are attending a drive in concert in April or May, you may want to include hand warmers in your pocket.

Drive In Theater Tour with Zach Williams, Mac Powell, & Cain

Many artists are taking to the drive in theater stage. Just do an internet search for drive in concerts and look for your favorite band coming to an outdoor theater near you.

Have you ever attended a drive in concert? What is your favorite part of hearing live music? I’d love to hear your

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