Things Teens Need to Upgrade this Winter

Welcome to the middle of winter for most of us! January and February can often seem like the longest months of the year because there are not as many days out of school, it’s dark earlier and there is no color on the trees. Since it can be a pretty dreary time for teenagers, be proactive and think about these 6 things that teens need to upgrade this winter!

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Things Teens Need to Upgrade this Winter

School Supplies

Most of our teens are halfway through the school year. The brand new notebooks, backpacks, and mechanical pencils that they started the school year are probably showing their wear. Also, most teens are suffering from winter blues and don’t really want to start each new day. A few new school supplies may be the trick to helping get them through the new months of school

Winter Coat

Many teens hit growth spurts right in the middle of the season. Now may be the perfect time to buy a new winter coat for your middle or high schooler. Order a coat they can stuff in a sack so it will fit in their locker, backpack or use as a pillow on bus trips.

With a long-lasting insulation that keeps its warmth even when wet, six pockets for gloves, headphones, passports, and more, and an internal stuff pocket that instantly turns the jacket into an on-the-go travel pillow, the Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket is the perfect layer for all your travel and outdoor adventures!

Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket


Nothing warms you up more than a comfy hoodie on cold dreary days. As an added bonus, do something good for the environment when you purchase a hoodie from coalatree….

The Evolution-hoodie is perfect for everyday school trips plus travel and adventure! The zippered kangaroo pocket keeps everything safe and secure. Stash your phone where it won’t fall out and break. But here’s the part that is good to know. The Eco Hoodie uses spent coffee grounds that are mixed and melted down with recycled plastic bottles to create the fibers for the hoodie. This hoodie is so soft and warm that you definitely can’t tell that it is made of recycled products.

School Shoes

Whether your teen hits a growth spurt and needs the next size up tennis shoes or simply needs a new pair of shoes to give them a little boost on winter days as they tackle the last few months of school, shoes could be the perfect answer.

Flashlight Batteries

Our teens always have a flashlight in their backpack for unexpected emergencies. This is a great time to test the batteries and make sure they are fresh and charged for the winter semester.

What other things do you think teens need to upgrade this month? Do they need some fresh food ideas for their ball trips or afterschool snacks? What do you do to help teens get motivated to finish the year strong?

Travel Blanket

We always take a travel blanket when we go on adventures. But it might be time to retire the old standard blanket and replace it with a Kachula! You can use it as a blanket, travel pillow, light sleeping bag, or even an emergency poncho. Snap multiple Kachulas together for a modular blanket system.

I love the fact that this Kachula is easy to stuff in a bag for an impromptu pillow on trips, gives you a great place to sit on quick outdoor adventures or keeps you warm while traveling. Great all round travel blanket!

Water Bottle

Our teens always carry water with them to sports activities and school trips. Why not give them in a new water bottle to help keep them motivated to stay hydrated?

What are some other things we need to upgrade for our teens this winter? Got any tricks to keeping them motivated when it’s cold and dreary outside?

5 Things All Teens Need to Carry

When we send our teenagers out on school functions, bus trips, outings with friends or the latest showing at a movie, we want to know they are prepared for whatever life throws at them. We can’t always be with them but we can help them be ready for potential emergencies, unplanned delays or surprises. Here are 5 things we make sure our teens always carry when they go out of the house.

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