Things to know about Wonderworks

We’ve always been fascinated by Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge. After all, the whole idea of a house that looks like it has been dropped on it’s head is just intriguing. Recently, my family had the opportunity to go and see for ourselves just what Wonderworks is! We recruited our cousins to make the adventure with us and we’re ready to share what to expect when you visit WonderWorks.

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Things to know about Wonderworks

Wonderworks has something for everyone. The little cousins had a great time touching the buttons, and enjoying the kids areas while the older kids and even us adults loved the excitement of learning, experiencing and trying new things.

Just walking into the lobby of Wonderworks is a fascinating experience. Take your time and look up to see what the world would look like if everything was upside down!

You know you’re in for a fun day, when you enter the tunnel. It’s quite an accomplishment to just walk across the bridge without holding on!

Take your Time

A visit to Wonderworks can take a lot longer than you expect. There is so much to see and experience. You’re going to want to get here early and beat the crowds. We were one of the first families to enter the building so we didn’t have to wait in line at each of the exhibits. But by the time we were ready to leave, the place was packed.

You’re going to be here a while! Let the kids have plenty of time to climb the rock wall….

See what it’s like to eat lunch during an earthquake…

Defy gravity if you dare…. If you look close, you’ll notice that only one member of our group was brave enough to try this! Way to go Natalie!

The Laser Light Rope Course

Get in line quickly so you can go experience the laser light rope course. You have to measure in to make sure you’re tall enough. Once you get strapped in to the gear, you can go up and explore all the multi levels of this incredible experience above the Wonderworks exhibits. But here’s an interesting question…. in a building that is upside down, when you go high in the ropes course, are you going up or down? Something to think about….

Learn about Science

In ever nook and cranny of the museum, you will have the opportunity to learn and discover something new!

Shoot some hoops, check your strength or measure your mind’s power. Don’t forget to do some space exploration while you’re here as well!

WonderWorks is an interactive attraction combining education and affordable, quality entertainment that is fun for all ages!

Let the smaller kids have some fun in a full area designed just for them!

Explore the Art of Dr. Seuss

After you climb the stairs, you have the opportunity to explore the art of Dr. Seuss…

and there are some really cool illusions and art work pieces that really can confuse you…

What do you see when you look at this mess of wires?

Turn on the light and see what the picture is on the wall that is created by the shadows!

You can even try your hand at landing a shuttle….

At the end of the day, a day at Wonderworks with the family is a chance to discover, explore and make great memories!

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Have you ever been to the WonderWorks? What’s your favorite exhibit? I’d love to hear!

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  1. The laser lights ropes course is amazing! Been to Pigeon Forge but never to Wonderworks! We will have to check it out! Thanks!!

  2. My kids are enamored with the upside down building! but I think i’ll wait a year or two until they are older to take them. Your pictures look like so much fun!

  3. I have been to WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge and my favorite part is probably seeing the smiles on my children’s face. There is so many fun things to do.

  4. I have never been to Wonder Works or to Pigeon Forge but would love to go someday. This looks like a fun place to visit.

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