Things to know about the Newport Aquarium

If you are planning a trip to the Newport Aquarium, you are in for a day of fun and adventure. You can rush through in an 1 ½ hours or take half the day taking in every single exhibit. It’s up to you. However long you plan to spend, here are a few tips to help you see it all!

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Things to Know about the Newport Aquarium

Almost everything is accessible

When you first arrive at the Aquarium in Newport Kentucky you will take an escalator down to the first floor where you will begin your tour. But there is also an elevator on the side that makes it easy for those with wheelchairs or strollers. The only thing not accessible is the shark bridge (and you can easily stroll right around that and still watch the rest of your party cross the bridge.)

You must cross the Shark Bridge

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of walking across a huge aquarium filled with sharks on a rope bridge, but whoever did is a genius. It’s always been fun to walk up to the shark plaza and gaze down at the swimming sharks, but crossing over the tank on the bridge is just plain fun.

Shark Bridge - Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky

Shark Bridge - Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky


It is a very narrow footpath on the bridge and has a little swing and sway as you are walking across, so it’s not for people with physical issues or those pushing strollers.

Recharge and Refuel

Take some time to enjoy lunch or a snack at the Shark Café and take advantage of the plug in outlets along the wall. It’s a perfect place to recharge your phone and refuel your body.

Tip: Pack a portable charger with you so you don’t ever lose power on your phone! These portable chargers have evolved into smaller devices that will recharge more than one device and the price is super affordable! You can buy one for less than $25! Christmas gift idea!!!

Take your time and relax

You really can’t get more relaxed than when you go through the tunnels and through the jellyfish displays. The music is perfectly suited for the exhibits.

Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky

Stop and ask questions from the Aquarium staff along the way. Today I learned all about Denver the large sea turtle. Turns out that sea turtles really do have personality! Make sure you ask and discover something interesting about this massive turtle!

Bring your Camera

Whether you are young or old, touring with little chidren or teens, or just walking through on your own, there are some fantastic opportunities for pictures. There are great big frogs in the Frog Bog just begging to be ridden and climbed on….

Frog Bog - Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky

and sea horses waiting for adventures…

If wildlife is more your style, then take some time to study and capture the fish and turtles…


Reach out and Touch the Creatures

There are several different exhibits where you are encouraged to reach into the water and touch the sea creatures. So go ahead…. Pet a shark, anemone, or any of the other sealife that are just waiting for you. Then, of course you can use the hand sanitizer waiting right beside the exhibits!

Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky

Let the Kids Play!

There is a great play area for kids called the Frog Bog! Let the kids take off their shoes and run off some energy in this super cool space!


Frog Bog - Newport Aquarium

Enjoy the Penguins….and Mighty Mike

Whether you are a fan of penguins or the mighty alligator, there’s something for everyone!

Mighty Mike - Newport Aquarium, Newport, KentuckyPenguin March - Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky

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Have you ever been to the Newport Aquarium? What’s your favorite exhibit? I’d love to hear!

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