Things My Preacher Dad Taught Me About Work

Growing up as a preacher’s kid was a great preparation zone for blogging and working in the social media marketing world and prepared me for the real job market. Each of our parents have unique skills that they share with the next generation. Here are some things that my preacher dad has taught me about work.

Dad and Sharon

Things My Preacher Dad Taught Me about Work

K.I.S.S (Keep It Short & Simple)

Dad has never been one of those long winded preachers that stands up and preaches for hours. He has always believed that he can get the point across without spending 3 hours.

We’ve all heard these phrases:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • The mind can only absorb what the bottom can endure.
  • Stand up. Speak up! Shut Up!

Whether I’m writing an article for print, giving a presentation at work, or sharing a recap of a project, I remember that length does not equal quality. When I first started writing for the newspaper, my editor gave me the same advice. She gave me a word count and told me to stick as close to that number as possible. Can something be said in fewer words? Then say it!

Always be Networking

Dad has never met a stranger. I can remember many times where we would go into a gas station or grocery store and Dad would end up talking to half a dozen people – some he had never even met before. He knows that everyone has connections and you never know when you will cross paths again.

Value Everyone

Some people think that position determines value. But Dad has always shown by example that the person who mops the floor or dumps the trash has as much value as the person who wears a suit and has the title of president or Senior Executive on their door. All people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Be Flexible

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Vacations don’t always go as planned. Road trips have detours. Life throws things at us when we least expect it. Dad has always said two words when life goes a little upside down, “I’m flexible”. And he is! Trees that bend in the storm will survive, but those that grow too rigid will be knocked down by the wind.

Find a Hobby

My preacher dad has hobbies and has always found time and ways to pursue those hobbies. Since he loves to read, he always carries a book or his Kindle with him. When he has 5 minutes, you will see him reading another page of his latest book. His example has taught me that even when life is busy, hobbies are crucial and worth investing in.

Balance 24/7 Job Requirements

If you have ever been around a pastor, you know that the job never really ends. People can and do call and have demands on their time 24/7. But Dad has somehow figured out how to be always available to his congregation without giving up his family time. Many jobs require us to keep a phone or email handy and accessible most of the day, but learn to put limits on your time and focus on family and friends.

Remember to Laugh

Life can become very chaotic. We often laugh about how much time preachers spend in funeral homes, hospitals and jails. Without the ability to laugh and enjoy the good times, life can become very dark and stressful. Dad has taught me that dealing with the bad situations in life and at work does not mean that you cannot still enjoy the fun times. No matter what our job, we have to find time to just laugh and have fun.

What are some things you have learned from your Father? As we get closer to Father’s Day, let’s take the time to thank our Dad’s for their impact on our life and the lessons we have learned.

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  1. I have known your mom and dad since we were all teenagers. You come from truly great people! BTW you look like your mom.

  2. Your Dad is such a great preacher and great person. I really like his rules for giving his sermon. I am so glad you are having these awesome memory-making times with him and your Mom.

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