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Have you ever made a bucket list? Many things have been written about the importance of writing down your goals. A Bucket List may not be your total list of things you want to accomplish with your life, but they are a great cultural way to share the things that you want to experience and do before you kick the bucket.   When I started working on my bucket list, I realized that this will definitely be ongoing list as I think about more things I want to see and do.

Several of my blogger friends have decided to get together and share our list of things we want to see, do, visit, and experience.



What is a Bucket List

bucket list definition
  1. Visit all 50 States.
  2. Go Whitewater rafting.
  3. Go deer hunting (and get a deer)
  4. Run/Walk a 5K
  5. Hike part of the Applachian Trail
  6. Go on a cruise.
  7. Take the family on a airplane trip.
  8. Try to ski at least once.
  9. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  10. Take a vacation to Hawaii.
  11. Milk a Cow
  12. Gather Eggs from chickens


Many people make Bucket Lists. Here are some links to my friends blog so you can see what they have included on their Bucket List!

Dawn from Cheap is the New Classy
Jessica from Your Healthy Year
Andrew from Scrappy Geek
Isabella from Just Another Static Heart

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