6 Things Every Dog Owner Should Buy

Two years ago, we entered the world of pet ownership. We live an active life and knew we needed a small dog that didn’t shed and could fit our lifestyle. When we heard of a friend with a Yorkie up for adoption in need of a good home, we knew we had found the right fit for our family. We knew our children needed a dog to help them learn responsibility and give them the joy of pet ownership, but we really didn’t know what was involved.

Over the past two years, I have narrowed down the list of all the products that are sold in the pet stores and found six things every dog owner should buy.

6 Things Every Dog Owner Should Buy

6 things every dog owner should buy

1. A Dog Bed

Every dog needs a place to sleep. We refuse to let that place of sleep be in one of our beds. Dogs are animals and we love them, but they don’t belong in our bed. The first night after we adopted our Yorkie, my husband bought him a small bed just for him. It is washable and easy to move so I can vacuum under it.

Dog Beds come in a wide range of prices. We paid around $15.00 for ours at a local store, but you can also find Dog Bed on Amazon.

2. Nail clippers

Trimming my dog’s nails is not an easy task. He hates it almost as much as I do. We have tried many different types of clippers, but finally found that the cheap little clippers from the Dollar Store work the best. They are fast, efficient and if I need to replace them, I don’t have to spend a fortune.

My favorite type of Small Nail Clippers cost less than $5.00 on Amazon or even cheaper if you find them at your Dollar Stores.

3. Retractable Leash

I take daily walks with my dog. We live in a very quiet, rural neighborhood with plenty of fields to enjoy. The retractable leash allows my dog some freedom to explore, but I can pull him back in close when we are near driveways or other walkers. I tried several leashes but they were always getting knotted and did not allow him room to roam.

You can find many Retractable Leash Options on Amazon or at your local pet supply area of your closest department store.

4. Doggie Waste Bag

For two years I have carried grocery bags out of the closet so I can pick up his waste. But recently I realized that there are much better options. Many companies make little pouches that can attach to your leash that will carry small waste bags. I found my Doggie Waste Bag at a local discount store for only $5.00.

Most waste dispensers carry a small roll of plastic trash bags. When you finish one roll, you just replace it with more. If you run out of the refills, you could always stuff grocery bags inside instead.

doggie waste

You can buy them locally or find Earth Rated Green Dispenser with 15 Dog Waste Poop Bagson Amazon.

5. Travel Water Bottle

If you plan to take your dog out on hikes or long walks, you need to be prepared to give him something to drink. This travel bottle allows you to carry a water bottle on the go. When it’s time to give the dog something to drink, you just pop it out of the carrier, squeeze some water into the tray and let him drink. You can discard the left over drops, pop it back together and continue your outdoor hike.

I have seen the Fold-Down Pet Water Dispenser on Amazon and at local stores for less than $8.00

6. Smell Good spray

We may be pet owners, but we don’t our house to smell like a dog lives here. If our dog gets wet or has been playing outside, he stinks. We always keep a bottle of smell good spray like RenuPlex Spray Dog Conditioner in our cabinet. It is safe for his skin and works like a charm every time. This is one product that all dog owners should buy. There are many companies that make a spray conditioner to help control odors.

What are the things you think are most important for you and your dog? I’d love to hear!

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