The Greenhouse Experiment Begins


I have been wanting to grow things in a greenhouse for a long time and this weekend, my family bought me a small starter greenhouse for my birthday! I’m sure there will be some absolute flops but am also hoping to enjoy some great successes. Join me as I begin this greenhouse experiment and let’s learn some things together about growing vegetables and plants year round in Kentucky.

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The Greenhouse Experiment Begins

We didn’t want to invest a lot of money, so my husband found this basic greenhouse with good reviews on Amazon at just the right price for a beginner. I wanted something large enough that I could go inside during the cold days of winter but not something too big for my first attempt at greenhouse gardening.

It was farily easy to assemble with no tools required. Just follow the directions and sort the different lengths of pipe.

Once the frame was assembled, we rolled out the plastic covering and pulled it over just like a tent canopy.

The greenhouse came with 4 tent stakes to help stake it to the ground, but I wanted a little more stability through the possible wind and weather that we might experience. I grabbed a simple grommet kit from my craft supplies and added additional tent stakes so I can be more confident of the stability of my greenhouse.

My First Flowers and Seeds

I received a new RotoShovel a few weeks ago and used it to loosen up some dirt that had gotten dried out and hard over the summer. Then I added in better premium MiracleGro potting soil to help provide the nutrients my new seeds need.

RotoShovel is a cordless, electric drill shovel for homeowners and DIY gardeners. It works just like a drill for your dirt, digging holes ideal for planting vegetables, installing annual flowers, and more!

I have big plans but very little experience when it comes to knowing what will actually grow in my unheated greenhouse during a Kentucky winter. I am starting with lettuce, carrots, spearmint and some left over tomatos in the garden. I filled some pots of various sizes with good potting soil and planted seeds and transplanted some tomatoes.

Now comes the fun part! I get to start growing vegetables and enjoy my love for gardening year round. I hung wind chimes and am ready to begin my greenhouse adventure.

I added a box to keep my garden gloves, a sharpie marker and popcycle sticks so I don’t have to go looking in the garage everytime I need to identify a new pot.

Can I grow carrots in a pot in the middle of winter in Kentucky? I don’t know! But I’ll find out!
  • Hang your favorite windchime inside your greenhouse! The whole point is to grow something beautiful and enjoy your hobby year round! Might as well make your space feel like a special oasis all winter long!
  • Can I root a rose from a cutting using a cheese ball container as a dome?
  • Will green tomatos ripen on the shelf in my greenhouse?
  • Will my celery grow from the stalk?
  • Can I harvest fresh lettuce year round?
  • Will milk jugs painted black filled with water really help release warmth in the greenhouse over night by creating a heat sink?

These are questions that I want to find out! I can’t wait to see what succeeds and share what I am learning!

Do you have a greenhouse? Got any tips I should know as I get started? Stay tuned to see how it looks in a few weeks when things have started growing!

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