How to Handle Technology Overload


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If you have a computer, mobile device or watch TV, you have heard of some of these groups, accounts, or organizations. But what are they? Which ones are helpful? Is it possible to experience Technology overload? How much is enough when it comes to technology? Is it possible to live in a connected world without being overwired?

How to Handle Technology Overload

I don’t have the answers to these questions; but I do know this…..

If youre ‘down time’ looks like this, you may be on technology overload.

My thoughts on Technology

I have to admit – I love the technology age we live in. I love blogging, checking facebook, finding great ideas from Pinterest, checking my Alexa rating for my blog, being a bzzagent, playing Words with Friends on my ipod. It’s fun to post pictures on Instagram, create word art or make a collage using picmonkey. I love the connected age we live in. It’s a fun, fast-paced life.

Imagine the conversations our great grandparents would have had if they could have imagined that we can talk to someone around the globe in real time, buy something from our living room couch and get it in the mail the next day or get advice from other moms who are trying to figure out the best snacks for their toddlers – all this without ever leaving our home.

Technology is not only helpful – it’s just plain COOL!

But is it possible to have too much? Some experts think so.

Tips to Stay Balanced

  1. Know when to turn it off.
    There’s a time and a place to use technology.  In our household, the supper table is definitely not the time for using phones, ipods or watching TV.  We choose to actually talk when it’s time to share supper. We don’t have the TV on; there no devices on the table and we rarely even answer a phone or respond to a text.
  2. Take time off – vacations.
    When we go on vacation, most technology stays behind.  I don’t blog when we are off on family trips.  We only check our email occasionally and we actually take time off. The kids often have electronics free road trips where the DS stays at home and the only reason we use an iPod is so we can enjoy music as a family.
  3.  Enjoy online friends – but don’t forget real live people! I love meeting and interacting with my facebook friends; but when it’s time to go for a morning walk I look forward to my friend pulling in the driveway and us spending time walking. Online friends have their place in my circle of relationships; but they can’t take the place of real human interactions in my life.

PBS did a series called UNPLUG 2012 that has an extensive list of resources dedicated to helping you unplug.

Ideas for what to do when the electronics are off:

So what can we do when we’re not tied to an electronic device?  Take a page out of our grandparent’s generational handbook and work a real puzzle, read a book that’s been collecting dust on the shelf, clean a closet or organize the garage.  When we’re not juggling emails, text messages or facebook status updates, we can get things done and enjoy making memories with our families.

So does that mean I’m going to turn off my phone or unplug my computer?  Not a chance.  Remember, I’m one of those people who loves technology; but I am more committed than ever to spending time away from my electronic devices so I can enjoy the world around me.

Do you ever find yourself on technology overload? How do you keep it balanced? Got any tips? I’d love to hear!

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