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Teaching Kids Basic Mending

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If your kids have stuffed animals, then chances are that they have asked you to do some repairs on holes and tears. Usually, I grab a needle and thread and do the mending myself. But this past week, when my daughter brought in a horse with a leg that was coming apart, I decided it was time she learned to do the mending herself.

Teaching Kids Basic Mending skills can serve them well through out life. It’s not a hard chore, but definitely will show improvement with more practice.


Teaching Kids basic Mending

Mending a tear or hole on a stuffed animal is not tough, but does take a little practice. It is usually easier to do this type of lite sewing with a Curved Needle. That allows you to get the needle in and out of the the animal fabric easier.

learning to thread a needle

I showed my daughter how to thread the needle, tie a knot and then the basics of stitching from one end of the hole. By matching the thread to the fur of the stuffed animal, you can hide the stitches a little better. True, a 9 year old probably won’t have as clean a mending job as you will, but the skill will come with practice.

Basic mending skills is something that the girls and boys both need to learn. This is one of those basic skills that may help them out of a sticky situation if they lose a button right before a big interview or appointment. Why not learn now on a stuffed animal?

Do you think kids need to learn basic mending skills? Are you teaching your kid, grandkids how to do some of these basic life skills? I’d love to hear!

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  1. My oldest daughter loved to sew! She had a friend who also loved it. I think it’s a great skill to teach your children.

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