How to Teach Children about Santa

Do your kids believe in Santa? Are you passionate about making sure the children believe in Jolly St. Nick? If you are one of those parents who have been working hard to keep the dream alive but see them growing up too quickly, then maybe it’s time to think about how to transition from the belief of a child to a more grown up view of Santa. Here are a few ways to help children make the transition without losing the magic.


How to Teach Children about Santa

Don’t squash the dream; Let it evolve.

Most kids will begin to question the reality of a little man who flies around the world in less than 24 hours delivering gifts to every child in the world. When they’re young, the practical side of how Santa can accomplish all this is not really a major concern. But as the kids start to grow, they begin to ask questions. Parents have to decide when to start sharing the facts. It’s alot like other topics that are taught as children grow up. When kids ask questions, give them a few answers and let them keep figuring it out. There doesn’t have to be a major moment when kids ‘learn the truth’. Just let them enjoy the fun as long as they want.

Teach about the Spirit of Santa

One thing that many families do is to start focusing on the spirit of Santa. The acts of giving and believing in magic is something that each of us can take and incorporate into our lives. My favorite holiday movie is Miracle on 34th Street. This a prime example of how everyone can believe in the magic of Christmas whether you truly believe in Old St Nick or not.

When children ask “Is Santa Claus real?”, you can respond by talking about kindness, giving and why we share gifts.

Let them Play the Game as they Grow Up

One hard thing for some children who grow up and quit believing in Santa is learning how to play the game with younger children. I have seen tweens who think that Santa Claus is too kiddish and they want to prove to everyone how grown up they are. They quit writing letters to Santa and laugh at the idea of taking a picture with Santa in the mall. Help these older kids learn how to honor the belief in Santa when they are with their younger friends, siblings and cousins.

Teach children about Santa

Believing in Santa is a time honored tradition. How do you teach your children about Santa? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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