T-Shirt Transfers for Holiday Gifts

How do you create personalized gifts when you have a limited budget? Easy! Just buy some cheap iron on transfers and customize something you already have! Not only does this add interest to the pieces in your closet, but it also shows that you have put some thought and effort into the holiday gift.

I received some fun t-shirt transfers from Wholeport Crafts. We had fun creating some fun projects as well as making a huge mess learning something I should have known better than to try!

T-Shirt Transfers for Holiday Gifts

Most t-shirt transfers cost just a few dollars and are available in many patterns. We received some cool cartoon animals that my son wanted on a long sleeve t-shirt as well as some great postmark travel designs. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with the fun animated animals and characters. We’re still thinking about those. We were ready to make some fun holiday gifts.

tshirt transfer

Using t-shirt transfers is a pretty basic task. You usually cut the transfer out of the paper, flip it on its reverse side and then iron it on to the shirt or pillowcase. There are a couple things that you should remember when you use tshirt transfers to make it a successful adventure.

2 Things to Remember

1. Iron on Transfers do NOT work well on plastic based tote bags. I should have known this. Talk about an epic fail in crafting! Fortunately I only ruined the ironing board and not the iron.

tshirt melt bag

2. Always keep some kind of handkerchief or tshirt between your iron and your transfer. This will protect your iron if the transfer paper slips off the actual sticky pieces.

Cartoon T-Shirt

We took these Cartoon Animals and attached them to my son’s long sleeve tshirt. He was excited to take a boring old shirt and turn it into something fun.

tshirt transfers

Travel Pillow Case

What do you give someone who loves to travel? How about a pillowcase covered with all the postmarks from around the world? This pillow case is a fun thing to share. Super easy and really cheap!

pillow case

Have you used any t-shirt transfers lately? What’s your favorite idea for turning plain items in your house into something customized and cool? I’d love to hear!


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