“Swimming in Wonder” Cricut Mug Idea

Today, I’m sharing the 2nd Cain the Band-inspired mugs. Did you see last week where I created a mug to celebrate the hit song Yes! He Did? This week I’m featuring another favorite from Cain – “In Over My Head”. I love creating mugs that tell a story and this one not only tells a story but will also get you singing all day long! If you are a fan of Cain and have a Mug Press, you can make this design and enjoy your hot cocoa every morning.

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Thanks to Cain the Band for giving me permission to share their music and now this Cricut Mug Press design with you! Listen to the song and I guarantee you’ll be humming it all day!

I’m in over my head
But going down isn’t going under
I’m in over my head
I ain’t going to drown when I’m swimming in wonder
I’m ready to see the mysteries awaiting in deeper water
I’m in over my head
But going down isn’t going under

Cain – Story Behind the Song

Swimming in Wonder Cricut Mug Idea

Materials Needed:

  • Create your design in Cricut (Use my free design here)
  • Cut your design using your choice of infusible ink. *Remember to mirror your design!


  • Create your design or use my free design here
  • Cut the design (remember to mirror your design)
  • Weed out the excess ink paper.
  • Use heat safe tape and attach to your mug.
  • Place it in the Cricut Mug Press and wait for the ink to transfer.
  • Remove the ink and reveal your finished project.

Now sit back and enjoy the acoustic version of Over my Head from Cain the Band!

Love this song and want another Cain-inspired mug project? Check out this Yes! He Can! mug idea!

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