Surround Yourself With Smart People

What is the common denominator of successful people? If you study the lives of those people, bloggers and Moms who are getting the job done, you will find that each of them knows this important fact: If you surround yourself with smart people, you can often get more accomplished. I often have questions about blogging, SEO, social marketing or how to take my site to the next level. There are several ways I find answers to my questions.

Surround Yourself with Smart People

How to get help when you're stuck

Do an online search

One common way that I get answers to online problems is to do an internet search. Many times I can find the answer by just asking Google a question. I often discover that many other people have asked the same question.

Participate in Facebook discussion groups

I have several facebook groups that are frequently visited by amazing bloggers. They have experienced things that I don’t know. I know that there are bloggers and online experts who can and will gladly help me because they know me and are my friends.

Check with the experts

connective webdesignRecently, I was faced with a blogging question and I just couldn’t figure out how to get past one functionality issue. I decided to call and ask advice of a Web Design specialist. I discovered Connective Web Design based in Los Angeles. Not only did I find some perfect suggestions for what I needed to do, I was given several blogging suggestions that I hadn’t even considered that were exactly what I needed to hear.

The owner of Connective Web Design is Rodney who heads up business development & production management The thing that made this a perfect help on that particular day is that not only does he do professional web design and work with customers, he is also a blogger. Rodney blogs about the latest in gaming news, reviews and player rants at QT Gaming

When you can find an expert who is doing the same job you are personally trying to do, then you know that the information you are given will help propel you to better things.

How do you get help when you get stumped by blogging, SEO or social media? I’d love to hear your best tip!

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