Sunflowers and Sunshine

Sunflowers are such a cheery flower. They grow taller than most other plants, dwarfing the tallest child and even some adults. You just can’t see full blooming sunflowers swaying in the wind with the white puffy clouds hanging on a blue sky without feeling a sense of ‘rightness in the world’ – even if the feeling is only there for an instant.

Last week, I saw that gorgeous blue and white in the sky, the sunny yellow faces of the sunflowers and the wind blowing in the cascading grasses and just had to take some pictures.

Sunflowers and Sunshine

I discovered a few things while I was snapping the button on my Nikon point and shoot camera.

  • Taking the picture from the ground gives you the most clouds in the background.  I was able to get rid of the neighboring houses by crouching on the ground and looking up.
  • Check for power lines before you hit click.  Nothing ruins a good nature pictue like a telephone line.
  • It’s hard to get the brilliant yellow in the picture at the same time you get the vibrant blue of the sky.If I focused on the yellow flower, I lost the blue in the sky. But if I focused on the dark part of the green stalk, and then moved up to the flower head, I got a little better color. Hmmm… it’s going to take more practice.

I took so many shots and still didn’t get the PERFECT shot.  But that’s ok, I enjoyed the challenge and I was able to step away from the business of life as we all know it and just soak in the cheeriness of God’s creations!

sunflowers and sunshine
Capturing the Sunflowers

Got any great sunflower shots you’ve taken this year?  I’d love to see them!

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  1. I have some flower pictures. I love taking pics of nature. How might I send them to you for review??? I am by far not a professional. I do have a Nikon D 7000 I rec’d for Christmas and I am learning to use it. Hey this is a great site. Beverly

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