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Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas

It’s summer! That means a little less structure in the schedule and time to tackle some of the home projects you’ve been putting off all winter. No matter what your budget is, there are some great ways to do fun home improvement and redecoration projects. Here are some Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas that are sure to get your mind buzzing and your creative juices going!

Hobbies on a Budget received samples or products for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas

Think Beyond the Paint

Sure, we all know that a new coat of paint will transform a room, and in the scheme of things, a gallon of paint is fairly inexpensive. But sometimes there’s no time or extra money to invest in paint for the entire house floor to ceiling. Before you invest in repainting your entire room, try a little elbow grease, and just clean the trim on your doors and baseboards. It’s amazing what some spray cleaner and cleaning rag will do to bring a fresh look to your wood trim.

Build a New Bench or Shelf

Do you have wood sitting around in your basement or garage? Pull out your circular saw, hammer and create a new bookshelf or bench!

I love the way this picnic bench turned out by Scrappy Geek!

Trim the Hedges

Sometimes it’s necessary to redo the entire landscaping in your yard. But other times, you can create a whole new look by just trimming the hedges and giving your existing yard decor some love. Do you have bushes that are overgrown and covering your windows? Are your boxwood shrubs triple their normal size and aggressively hanging over the sidewalk? Grab your hedge clippers and shape things up!

Consider Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels can be used to create accent walls in your home or office as well as a touch of freshness to the cabinets in your home. These wall panels can create a whole new look with a minimal amount of effort and investment.

The wall panels come unpainted and ready for you to paint to whatever color you want.

You can cut them to fit whatever surface you are interested in transforming. These white cabinets were pretty as they were…

but look at the difference these wall panels make by painting them and adding them to the cabinet doors. You simply paint them, cut them to fit whatever area you want covered and then attach them as you want. We used simple command hooks so we can switch them out as we want.

Build a Pallet Garden

Use pallets and upcycled wood to create a raised garden bed.

Decorate your Windows

If you have a Cricut or similar machine, then you have a huge resource that will help you do some amazing home decor projects. Check out this summer inspired upcycled window project!

Create a Recycle Bin

If you love to recylce but hate the mess, maybe you should build a simple recycle bin using pallets.

What easy summer home decor ideas do you have planned? I’d love to hear!

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