Summer Fun on the Water

Summer Fun on the Water

discover-boatingMy friend and her family recently returned from a vacation to Florida. While they were there they took the opportunity to get out on the water in a family sailboat. Here’s her story:

Since I’m not an experienced sailor, we wanted to make sure we could get out and safely share the experience of sailing with our daughter. We watched the tides all week to make sure we could get out and enjoy the water with plenty of time to get back in before the tide went out. When we finally got out, because of my lack of skill, we did more turning in circles than we did anything else.

While my husband would keep telling me to keep the boat in the wind while watching a tiny pirate flag at the top of the boat, I simply did my best to keep us from capsizing. By the time we finally got the sailboat tied up and the three of us back on dry land, we were worn out, sunburned and hungry. We did manage to catch wind really hard one time. That scared me to death and I was done. When asked if we would do it again? Definitely YES! but only as a passenger …. so I can sit back and enjoy the ride!

Building Memories on a Sailboat

My brother has a sailboat and loves to be out on the water. He is raising his boys to enjoy the life of sailing as well. I love seeing the pictures he posts when he and the family have spent the day together.

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