Stripes & Scribbles Cricut Mug

I love making mugs with infusible ink scraps. It’s such a fun way to use up some of the scraps from former projects while creating something unique. Today’s mug feels like a ‘party in a mug’ kind of project. I can just see it surrounded by festive party balloons, a cup of coffee, and a big slice of birthday cake! This mug can be created with whatever color scheme you choose and adapted to a color mug or solid white. That’s the fun of this design! Adapt it to fit your personality and use whatever scraps you have available. I can’t wait to see what you create with this idea.

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Stripes & Scribbles Cricut Mug

I was scrolling across the internet last week and saw this Caffco Happy Together mug. I loved the festive look and wanted to create something similar in my own craft room. What do you think?



  • Look through your stash of infusible ink and decide which designs you want to use.
  • Cut each scrap similar length and width. There is not a wrong way to do this design. Just pick the colors and width you like.
  • Tape the stripes on your mug (remember to not let the tape cover the middle space where you want your scribbles to go)
  • Free draw a series of scribbles on the piece of butcher paper using a Cricut Infusible Ink marker.
  • Cut them into slips and tape them between the infusible ink stripes.
  • ***Make sure the tape is on top of any infusible ink or marker scraps

Once you have all the infusible ink and scribbles taped securely to your mug, it’s time to heat the mug in your Cricut Mug Press.

Let the mug cool completely and then peel off the tape to reveal your finished mug project. Now you are ready for the next party, celebration or rainy day!

What do you think? Ready to make your own scribbles and stripes mug? Who would you share this with? or would you keep it for yourself?

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