Strait of Hormuz Book Review

One of the things I inherited from my Dad is a love for books. So naturally, when I receive new books here on Hobbies on a Budget I often share them with him. Today he is beating me to this book. He read it and is posting his first review here on the blog. Thanks for helping me develop a love for books, Dad! Glad you enjoyed this book – “Strait of Hormuz”!

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The book entitled “Strait of Hormuz” by David Bunn is my first read by this particular author. I am always searching for books that are able to blend together the combination of romance, intrigue and spirituality. “Strait of Hormuz” is a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, mixed with a romantic dilemma between the hero and Kitra.

Strait of Hormuz Book Review

The subtle spiritual dimension throughout the book as this world wide thriller takes us through the pages of politics, danger and openness to the purpose and will of God is well done. It is definitely not a ‘Pollyanna’ strait of hormuzthriller that everything in life is easy, but a reminder that life is not easy but that we have a God who cares for His own.

I enjoyed the book so much that I have a copy downloaded on my Kindle for a future read.

We are introduced to the hero, Marc Royce and from page one the reader is quickly immersed in his adventures of mystery and intrigue. The tension set off by the Iran’s threat to closing the Strait of Hormuz has major political and military ramification. Marc and Kitra are torn by their relationship and a desire to know what God’s Will would have them do.

Marc Royce and his team have been assembled to sort our, resolve and solve the threat of major political fallout and a possible war involving several countries. At times the book was a little confusing, but as you continue to read, it all became clear and the writer kept that combination of romance, intrigue and spiritually interwoven throughout the book.

I would definitely recommend to you the book “Strait of Harmuz’ to anyone who is interested in a thriller with that unique blend of real life.

Read the first 3 chapters here!

davis bunnAbout the Author

Born and raised in North Carolina, Davis left for Europe at age twenty. There he first completed graduate studies in economics and finance, then began a business career that took him to over forty countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Davis came to faith at age 28, while living in Germany and running an international business advisory group. He started writing two weeks later. Since that moment, writing has remained both a passion and a calling.

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You can order Strait of Hormuz from Amazon or request it at your local library.

About the Reviewer

dad and sharon 2

Sheldon Hale is my Dad and proud Papaw to 11 grandkids. He lives in Northern Kentucky where he Pastors and Ministers to the people of his community.

He is always in the middle of a good book and  enjoys playing Words with Friends with his family members!

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